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October 2015
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Feb. 15, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I need Your words.

Jesus:  I am here.  You are concerned about your talk child, but you need not be.  I will be there with you.  There is an important reason that you speak with these children of Mine.  You will know that reason someday.  I ask that you lay hands and pray with each one of them.  I will tend to their needs.  You need only give them My blessing.  I will pour out the graces that each child needs, depending on their need and situation. 

Little one, it is true that you are to be My hands and feet on the earth.  Your testimony will touch the hearts and make them receptive to Me.  It will help them realize that God is alive and well, and performing miracles, just as He did when His Son walked the earth.  Faith will get you all the miracles one needs, little one, faith and trust in God.  I am here waiting to be asked for graces and miracles, but it takes the faith to receive.  My children's faith has gone by the wayside because they are preoccupied with those things of the earth.  I have had to take a back seat in all human lives.  It is sad, but true.  Even you, yourself, with your gift, do not speak to Me as often as I would like.  I wish for your total life to revolve around Me, every breath you take be an acknowledgment of Me.  The time will come.

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I have other things I must do too, family, etc.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, this is true, but you can do those things and still remember that I am your keeper, your helper, your everything.  It is through Me that all the other things have been made possible.  You, like others, forget this.  Without Me, there would be no job, no family.  I am responsible for all things.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I really need encouraging words, and I feel like I am being scolded.

Jesus:  Only reminded, little one.  I will give you the encouragement you need.  Go on with your day in the peace of Jesus Christ.  You will be guided, guarded, and assisted in all ways throughout this talk.  The children will be receptive.  Give them My blessings, I will do the rest.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Jesus.

Jesus:  And I love you, little one.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Jesus.


Message of August 17, 1993 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I feel a need to speak with You.  This has been a very difficult week.  Now I understand why I was told by You and Your Mother to take a year's leave.  I could never be preparing my classroom and doing workshops, preparing lesson plans, etc., and still do all You have me do.  It's all beginning to overwhelm me, Lord.  Please help me.

Jesus:  Little one, I am here.  Do not feel sad.

Ruth Ann:  But Lord, I do.  It's one thing that I'm giving up my life for You, but my children shouldn't have to suffer as a result.  They have careers.  They all live and work in this town.

Jesus:  Little one, I will care for you and your family.  Be not afraid.  Have I not told you this before?  I will not leave you orphaned.

Ruth Ann:  I know You have said this, Lord, but I hear the children and their concerns.  I understand where they are coming from.  I too, would like to be able to sit and visit with my children in peace.  I too, would like to be able to walk outside without feeling like I'm intruding in someone's prayer.

Jesus:  Did I not tell you that there would come a time when your peace would be disturbed?  The time is here, little one.  You must not let this overpower you.  You will be given a respite from this feeling.  Do not feel overwhelmed.  Take your life one day at a time.  That is how all My children should do.  Know that God is watching over all that you say and do.  Be at peace, little one.  Thank you for sharing all of your fears and concerns with Me.  That in itself helps you to put your life in proper perspective.  The dying of self that I have spoken of to you is taking place.  You are giving up much for Me, but it is nothing in comparison to what I gave up for all of you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am not comparing.  I realize the difference.

Jesus:  Do you really, little one?

Ruth Ann:  I can only imagine, Lord.  You are right.  I can't possibly know.  I can only think in human terms.  I am sorry.

Jesus:  You must remember little one, when My chosen ones say 'yes' to Me, they bear a heavy burden.  It takes much prayer to carry such a heavy burden.  You must take what is happening to you one day at a time.  Yes, you have much to do, but you are being brought along gradually.  You are not to think ahead to the future.  You are to deal with the here and now.  One day at a time. 

You are being attacked by fears, doubts, and concerns for your children, because they too, feel a need to share their feelings with you.  You are very sensitive child, and take all they say and do to heart.  Let them voice their concerns to you, little one, but always reassure them that God is in control.  He will see too, that their burdens will not overcome their strength. 

Trust, little one, trust in your God.  He does not expect more than His children are able to give.  Everything you have expressed to Me this day will be attended to.  You will have peace, child.  You will have time with your family, and they too, will find the peace and strength to deal with what lies ahead.  This will come from Me, child.  I expect much from you little one, and in doing so it will affect your family.  I will send the strength and graces needed to you and your family.  Your husband is a pillar of strength, is he not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, to a point of irritation at times.  He is so calm and grateful to be able to do all he is doing.  It makes me feel ashamed and irritated at times that I can't feel more grateful and less afraid.  I guess I'm wanting to feel the joy and peace all the time, not just when I'm ministering to Your people in prayer and listening to You.  Also Lord, as the crowds get bigger and bigger, and more and more people want prayer, it is taking forever to get through the prayer lines.

Jesus:  Little one, My Mother and I have spoken of this before.  I see it is time to remind you, you are taking too much upon yourself.  Remember, I do all the work.  A gentle touch of your hand, and it is though they are being touched by Me.  You need not stand and listen to each individual problem.  I know the needs of My children, they need only hold them in their heart.  It is true I wish you to give My blessing to those who wish to receive it, but it need not take the time that you are spending in praying with My children. 

I am God and can do all things.  You need only be obedient.  My Mother and I will give out the blessings, graces, and healings, to all those who answer the call to come to this place of special blessings and prayer and peace.  When you touch someone in prayer, know that I am touching and healing them in whatever way I choose to heal them.  You are not to feel burdened by their physical, spiritual, or emotional needs.  I will tend to all their needs.  They are My children.

You are only an instrument, a reluctant instrument to be sure, but that will change, little one. As time goes on, that will change.  I continue to shower you with graces and blessings, some you are not even aware of, some you are, but know this, little one, the blessings and graces will continue to come to you whether they are acknowledged or not.  I love and value your soul beyond your belief or imagination.

I will do all I can to prepare you for your cross.  I am with you now, tomorrow, and forever.  I will never be away from you.  Trust Me, little one, trust Me.  Trust Me to tend to your needs, wants, and desires for you, your family, and others.  Do not take so much upon yourself.  Place all your burdens at the foot of the cross.  Any problem you have is Mine.  This is something that you forget from time to time, just as all My children do.  I want to help with all problems.  No problem is too great or small to bring to Me.

Each soul sent from Heaven I wish to tend to, nurture, and watch over to full maturity, till it is at rest with Me in the rewards of eternal life, light, and salvation.   The time spent on the earth, in darkness, is a difficult task for many of My children.  Some listen, grow, and blossom into beautiful flowers for My garden.  Others do not make it to My garden.  Some do not listen, and wither from lack of My nurturing.  This is their choice.  What I want for all My children is that they listen and feel the joy and peace of My love and graces that I shower upon them.  I do this through My Mother, and others on the earth, chosen and blessed to share in this nurturing. 

Man must have the word of God to grow and stay strong during this time of darkness and struggle between good and evil.  He must have those such as you to share all the good God has done in your life.  Man needs to hear that God is alive and performing miracles daily.  Man must hear that he is not orphaned.  I am here waiting to answer any and all prayers.  They may not be answered in man's time frame, or in the way man would choose, but I will do what is best for My children.  I will see that all is done in My power, that man choose light over darkness.  Then, if man walks away, it will be of his own doing.  I am giving chances to man that he would not give to one another.

Your souls are at stake children, and I wish not to lose a single one.  That is what I want, but I am also realistic and know that some will turn their back on Me and walk away.  My Mother is calling out to many.  They too, choose to walk away from Her.  My representative here on the earth, Pope John Paul II, con-tinues to witness and cry out to the world My desires.  He too, is walked away from and told he needs to become 'modern.'  Sin is sin.  Murder is murder.  It does not matter if it is yesterday or today. 

Man has a choice, true.  He can choose darkness and damnation, or he can choose light and the rewards of eternal life.  That is the only choice man has in this world.  He can choose good, and let Me into his life, or he can choose evil, and shut Me out forever.  I prefer man choose light.  It is through the witness of those of My children who have said 'yes,' that many will choose light and goodness. 

With this kind of encouraging words child, how can you possibly be concerned about what lies ahead?  All that you are going through will give many the chance for eternal life they might otherwise not have had.  To know this should help you through the difficult times.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, thank You for reminding me.  I already feel better and stronger.

Jesus:  Child, I know it is difficult, but there will be respites along the way.  I too, needed these.  I also became discouraged and was given encouraging words by My Mother along the way.  I too, took time for prayer when I needed renewal in strength of body, mind, and soul.  I have walked the earth.  I know the temptations of the evil one.  I know there is much darkness to fight against.  I also know that God has a divine plan, and His plan is perfect.  He is light, life, love, and peace for all time and for all generations.  Trust in God, and all will fall into place, little one.  Go in My peace that is now a part of you.  Call on Me as you need.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of Nov. 23, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  Child, I know you don't have a lot of time, but I also know you wish to speak to Me.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, this is true.  But since I was called away early this morning, I was afraid there would be too many interruptions and therefore, not possible to speak with You.

Jesus:  I will make all quiet, child.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.
Jesus:  I wish to share with you just how much God loves you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know there is much more than this to share.

Jesus:  You are right, little one, there is much to add.  God loves you so much, He sent His only Son to live and die for you, so that you could gain the reward of Heaven.

Ruth Ann:  This sounds like a review of my catechism, Lord.

Jesus:  Yes it does, little one, those were the days when My children had no doubts as to why they were put here on the earth.  Those were the days when My children knew exactly what their purpose was in life.  Now My children continually question what they are doing.  So many are trying to find themselves.  What they are really looking for is God in their lives, and they don't even realize that is the burning desire that is in their heart.  They complain about hating their jobs, their life, the people they work with.  They complain of dissatisfaction of all kinds.  What they need, they are not finding, because they are not looking in the right places. 

Dissatisfactions, irritations, boredom, depression, these are not of Me, little one.  And the minute one complains of such, you know right away the evil one is working in their life trying to disrupt, cause grief and turmoil, and bring them down on his plane.  They must turn to God in prayer in order to find peace and a calmness in their life.  This can only come from God.  They must learn to use the  Sacraments and sacramentals available to them to deal with the darkness that tries to disrupt and cause hate and anger in the lives of many of My children.  The prayer, 'I bind and rebuke the evil one in the name of Jesus', must be used at times. 

There is much My little ones can do to combat the evil one.  The best thing is prayer, the rosary given to My children by My Mother will break the stronghold one day that the evil one seems to have upon the world.  The Woman Clothed in the Sun will shine Her light on all of Her children and draw them out of darkness.  Goodness and light will triumph over evil.  My Mother's Immaculate Heart will see to it.  But My children must listen and live the messages being given to them, in order to be able to know what it is they are being called to do.  Many continue to ignore this fact, and use the excuse that the messages haven't been approved.  My Mother, and anything She would say, would not cause harm to anyone.  These are Her children She is calling out to at this time.  What Mother would do anything to cause Her children harm, especially One Who is from Heaven?  In the meantime, these children who wish to ignore are denying themselves, and their loved ones, many graces that they could otherwise be getting, graces that would combat fear, hate, confusion, and depression.  That is as it will be. 

During the time of My teaching on the earth, before My death on the cross, many ignored what I had to say.  As a result, they were among those who were responsible for My death.  It is important for My children to listen and pray for one another so all My children's eyes will have the blinders removed.  Love one another as I have loved you.  There is no room for hate, anger, or envy in a world that is steeped in My divine love.  Peace, children, strive for peace.  Peace in your hearts, homes, and the whole world.  Much of this can be done through prayer.

Ruth Ann:  I continue to pray, Lord.  There is so much pain, and suffering, and unrest in the world.  Will there ever be peace?

Jesus:  Peace will come when the minds and hearts of My children focus on God instead of the world around them.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for the quiet time, Lord.  I love You.

Jesus:  I love you, little one, go in My peace.


Message of Nov. 24, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Blessed are they who do not see and still believe.  It is beautiful to see the faith and trust of My children who continue to pray for all those in need because I have asked them to do so.  My many messages that continue to call you to trust and have faith, have been taken to heart by all of you here.  I bless you for this, dear children, and will continue to send graces and blessings to all My children who have responded to My call.  Your faith, trust, and love, acts as a catalyst to all those with whom you come in contact.  The love you have for My Son is evident in all that you say and do.  Let it continue to be so, little children, so that those who are in great need of prayer and faith will be strengthened by your example.  My protective mantle surrounds you.  My love and prayers I join with you.  Go in God's peace.


Message of Dec. 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I feel I must take time to speak with You today.

Jesus:  Do you have something that concerns you?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You know there are lots of things that concern me.  I am thinking too far ahead.  Please help me to take one day of my life at a time.  Also, help me to accept Thy will for me concerning each day.

Jesus:  Remember, it will all be done for you.  You have no control over who comes for prayer and why they come.  You also have no control over who receives graces, blessings, and healings.  That, too, has already been decided.  You are only an instrument, child, to be used in order that My children can receive the healings, graces, and blessings I wish to give them.  Take these words to your heart, little one.  This place is being made ready for even greater things that are to come.  Yours is not to be concerned, but to be patient and pray.  You are to grow in the Holy Spirit and become ready for God's special mission that is yours.  Be not afraid.  All will be revealed to you as there is a need.  You are not to concern yourself with the mechanics or the 'how's' and 'why's' and 'when's'.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm still human, and I do become concerned about those things.  I try really hard not to.

Jesus:  Little one, you have given your life to Me and My Mother.  You have said you wish to do the will of God.  You cannot do both.  When you give of self, you must die of self.  Those things that were important to you before, have no place in a life given to God.  God and His will must be your focus.  All other things will be taken care of.  You are not to concern yourself with things of the future.  God is your future.  Your Lord and Savior is your future.  The gift of eternal life is your future.  The present is to be lived preparing for that future.  Live each day for Me and with Me and know that I am in control.  Love Me, trust Me, little one.  You cannot trust when you are concerned about what is to come.  Faith, little one.  You have the faith to do all that God has asked of you.  He will continue to provide you with all the graces and little 'pick-me-ups' you will need to get through each day.  I have told you before, "You will be given a little miracle each day."  These are to provide you with the graces you need to move closer and closer to Me.

Ruth Ann:  I had forgotten You had said that, Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, I know, little one.  But I continue to do as I have said, whether you recognize and thank Me or not.

Ruth Ann:  Now I really feel bad, because I know this is true.  Some days when I am feeling, "What in the world am I doing?  I am a no one, a nothing.  Someone else should be doing this that is better suited, or would really like to do this kind of thing." 

Lord, I want to thank You for being patient with me and allowing me to receive little notes in the mail just when I need them.  Your timing is perfect.  About the time the doubts start creeping in, You always send something or someone to me that reaffirms what it is You are using me for.  I am here for You, not me, and I forget that.  It's difficult to live in two worlds, Lord. 

Jesus:  You will, more and more, move into My world, and less and less be a part of the earthly world.  At the present time you are being given a respite from both, so you can have time with your family, and pray.  But the time will come when you will have little time for either.  Your life will be a prayer.

Ruth Ann:  Now, what does that mean, Lord?

Jesus:  It means, little one, that you will be consumed with your love for Me.  It will become the very center of every moment of every day.  That is what I wish for all My children, you know, that I be the center and focus of their very being.  It seems only right, since they were created by God, that God be their focus, does it not?

Ruth Ann:  Your Mother keeps saying to stay focused on You, I guess we really don't understand or listen.

Jesus:  Your lives should be Christ-centered.  All you say and do should be centered around, "What would Jesus do in this situation?  What would He say?  How would He handle this?  How would He react?"  There would be so few hurts inflicted upon one another if you would begin to live your lives with Me as your example.  Let every waking moment reflect My light and My love.  My patience, too, should be a prime example for My children.  Patience with one another, and patience with your God and what He has in store for each one of His children.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You've given me many reminders today.  I guess I was in need of these.

Jesus:  Not only you, child, remember, the messages are to be shared.  These are for all My children.  Each of My children will find something for them in the words I am asking you to share with others. 

Thank you for listening and sharing, little one.  There is much more to be asked of you, but know that God is with you in all you say and do.  Allow Him to do the difficult part.  Let Him work through you so He can touch the lives and hearts of all His children.  He is God, and can do all things.  You are only an instrument.  I know you have much to do, little one.  Go in My peace and love.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I truly feel I have both.  Thank You.


Message of Jan. 3, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, are You with me?

Our Lady:  Yes, child, I am here.  I am pleased that you have taken the time to speak with Me today. You are in need of reassurance, and I am here to give that reassurance to you through words from Heaven.  What greater reassurance do you need?

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I appreciate all You do and say, always.  It is difficult for me to believe that I have been chosen for something this special.  This is beyond my wildest imagination.  It is also something I don't understand.

Our Lady:  That is the most difficult part for you to grasp, child.  You feel you need to understand and have the full picture laid out before you.  That is exactly what will not happen, child.  God wishes His children to have the courage and conviction to walk in faith; 'Thy will be done, Lord, whatever it may be'.  Those who have given them-selves over to the One Who has created them over the centuries, have had to do just that, child:  walk in faith, trust in God, do His will and He will take care of the rest.  You must be pliable, bendable, and easy to mold into whatever He desires.  You are an instrument, child, through which We are to work, so you must be open and willing to trust and give all to God.

If you begin to become concerned about what is to come, you lose your pliability.  You lose your peace.  These things are needed in order for God to do His best work.  Do not impede what God wishes to do with and through you.  Many lives are at stake, waiting for your divine revelations.  Many are just waiting for the words and directions from Heaven that come just in time to help them in their life.  If you were not listening, and if you chose not to share these words, God would find other ways to direct them.  But why not be the willing instrument that God needs?  I have said 'yes' to the will of God, not knowing what the future held, and look how I was used.  I am the perfect example of love, willingness, and obedience to the will of God. 

That does not mean that all will go well, or that all will be easy.  It only means that you are doing the will of God.  What better purpose would any life have than to do the will of God?  Remember, child, God has a plan for each life He places on the earth.  He only awaits the simple 'yes', in order for His plan to come to fruition.  It is man in his stubbornness that creates obstacles so that God is continuously having to make changes so that His divine plans can be brought into play.  Man needs to listen carefully, and be obedient to the will of God, and as a result, amazing miracles can take place.

 Be at peace, little child, with your 'yes' and with your day.  You have much to do, but know We are with you.  If you feel yourself losing your peace, call on My Son, Jesus, the prince of peace, or Myself.  We will restore this peace needed to do the Father's will.

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, I will do so.

Our Lady:  Your Mother loves you and continues to be with you, to bless all who ask you for prayer, and those who come here to pray.  All those who come here to pray are the recipients of many graces and blessings.