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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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September 2005
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of January 8, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother Mary, again I feel I am slighting You.

Our Lady: Child, how can you say this, when you are doing exactly what I would have you do? You have answered My call. I am calling all My children back to My Son. That is My reason for coming to the earth. You are doing the will of the Father, by listening and sharing My words and the words of My Son.

Ruth Ann: I guess it's because I don't speak with You for long periods of time, like I used to.

Our Lady: You are speaking with Me through the beautiful prayers of My rosary. You are speaking to Me in your attendance at prayer groups, Mass, sharing in your talks, sharing your farm, and entire being. All you do and say speaks to Me, child, of one who has been obedient and listened to what I have said. You need never feel guilty because you have put My Son first. That is what I wish, and that is the will of the Father.

I am here for you, as I am here for all of God's children. I wish to intercede in prayer, and I wish to call all of My children out of darkness back to My Son, who is light. This is not an easy task, but as long as there are children such as you who listen and share what is being said, there is still hope.

I bless you child, for listening. Continue to be obedient. Love My Son. That is all I ask. Love the One Who has lived and died and earned for you the gift of eternal life. Love Him who has suffered much. Love the One Who is love. These words are for all of My children.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother. Thank You for Your reassurance and consolation, and thank You for calling us all back to Your Son.

Our Lady: Thank God for allowing Me to come. It is His gift to you in this time of need.

Message of March 3, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm tired but I have this need to speak with You.

Jesus: Little one, that desire has been placed there by Me.

Ruth Ann: What do You wish to say?

Jesus: Little one, your Jesus wishes to thank you for putting the feelings of others before yourself. As you do for the very least of My children, you do unto Me. That is what I mean by ministering to My people. Sometimes it will be a listening ear when they feel they have no one to talk to about what has gone on in their life. Sometimes it will be prayer, sharing My words through the messages from Me or My Mother. Sometimes it will be through your talks. Child, the very fact that you are listening and being obedient is of great assistance to Me and My work here on the earth. I have told you before, when I walked on the earth, I performed many miracles. You, My child, will do even greater things.

Ruth Ann: Lord, how can this be possible? You are God. I can think of nothing greater than receiving the Eucharist or being absolved of my sins. I can do neither. I am not a priest, and I feel so inadequate to be of help to Your people. I feel their pain and my heart aches for them, but I can't absolve them from their sins, or free them from their pain.

Jesus: Little one, you do not have the gifts of a priest, this is true, but in listening, sharing, and praying with My children, you are bringing them back to Me. For those who already are with Me, you are strengthening them with your prayer, honesty, and humility. Little one, your peace is transferred to My children. This peace can only come from Me. Little one, you still do not understand just how important it is for Me to have you as a willing instrument; that you allow Me to use you here on the earth to minister to My people, is a special blessing to Me. Many would like your gift child, but would not like to give up all you have given up in order to be used in such a way.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You know I have, and continue to have, difficulty with all that I do for You. Please don't make me out to be something that I am not. I have faults and struggle through life just like all Your children who come to me seeking prayer and peace.

Jesus: Your humility is beautiful to behold, little one. That makes you special to Me and to others.

Ruth Ann: Could we please change the subject, Lord. I love You and wish to please You, You know that.

Jesus: Child, I know your heart, so yes, I do know these things and more. Many of My children are brought back to Me through your obedience, little one. Many are finding a new love for Me and for My Mother. Some are having their faith renewed just by your example. Continue to do as you are doing. The graces and strength will be there for you as the need arises.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have no doubt of that. I see Your miracles in my life and the lives of others continuously, and besides, all of this is out of my hands. I gave, and still give it all to You.

Jesus: That is why I am able to work through you, child. Your faith and trust is needed for Me to be able to do all I need to do for those brought into your life. Continue to do as I have asked, and touch the lives and hearts of all those around you. I will do the really difficult part. I will do the healings that are needed.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord. Just continue to strengthen me. Do You realize just how difficult it is for me to do? I know my faults, Lord. For You to have me be the center of attention in prayer, or speaking with Your children, is so humiliating and embarrassing for me. I know many times I am praying with people who are so very holy, Lord. Please help me to do all You ask of me, so that I don't feel like a lamb being led to slaughter each time I do these things.

Jesus: Child, I have told you that this is all part of the dying of self. You would not have been asked to do such as this if you had found it to be easy. In your smallness, God can use you in a big way. If you were not humble, and did not recognize your many weaknesses, you would not be able to help those around you. It is through your being imperfect, and recognizing that fact, God has been able to change your heart in many ways. You will continue to be molded and formed into the likeness of God as you continue to minister to My people.

The more you do, the more you will grow, and the more will be asked of you. God has His hands upon you and is watching all that you do. He is not disappointed, child, He is pleased, and so are those that surround Him. Continue on in this journey set before you. God is with you and will minister to you, as you minister to His children. Now go in My peace, little one. Know I am with you as you do the will of My Father.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord. I cannot ask for more than that. I love You and Your Mother.

Message of March 23, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to speak with me?

Our Lady: Little child, yes. There is much to be said.

Ruth Ann: I am listening, Mother.

Our Lady: Child, you have had a difficult time praying because of interference from the evil one. Thank you for not becoming so discouraged that you would walk away. Continue to seek peace, child, it is most important.

Ruth Ann: I had a really difficult time yesterday, Mother, but I have remembered that that is always the case after a third Sunday weekend. It seems that we are always attacked with a vengeance.

Our Lady: Child, it has taken much time for you, and much heartache, to get you where you are today. Many do not realize this about your gift. They do not realize that with this gift, you have had to give up your entire way of life as it existed before. All things you do now are for the greater honor and glory of God. You, your family, and all you have done before has had to take a back seat. Some has been discarded altogether in order to make room for God and all His children. There is a great price to pay for such a gift as yours, but the rewards in the hereafter will be even greater for having paid this price.

You have returned from the Holy Land with a new resolve to do all God asked of you. You are determined to do His will. Doubts and fears have been removed from you in order that you go forth and share His word. This does not mean it will be easy for you. It will continue to be difficult for the evil one will continue to attack you in many ways. But child, remember, good will triumph over evil. Those who are My helpers, God's chosen ones, will be instrumental in sharing in this triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Those who have chosen to say 'yes' to the will of God, and respond to this call to pray, and draw others to prayer, are to play a tremendous part in the drawing of others back to My Son. This will bring with it grief from those who are of the evil one, but it will also bring with it much joy from your God. It will bring with it a peace that can only come from God.

Some go through their entire life living for themselves, not knowing the will of God, and not doing His will. You child, know what His will is, and now you have been given the graces to go forth with a greater resolve than ever before. Before you did these things because of obed-ience. Now, there is a desire to follow His will. Not just out of obedience, but a desire to please your God, no matter what the cost. This will be noticed by those around you, because this desire will also be experienced from those who come into your life. They too, will have a new resolve.

These are graces child. As you receive these graces, they will reach out and touch the hearts of others. As a tiny flame can start a huge forest fire, so can the tiny flame of desire, begin a huge flame that will grow in great proportion in those who share in your ministry in any way. Be aware of the importance of what you are doing for God, child. You are His chosen instrument here on earth, whose lives you touch in any way will be rejuvenated with a new desire to please God.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for these words.

Our Lady: Be at peace with all I have said to you this day, little child. This is truly of your Mother, the Mother of Jesus, and I continue to do the will of God, as are all of you who are being called to participate in this great army that will slay the evil one with this great tool of prayer, My rosary.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for not giving up on me.

Our Lady: This is all part of growing, child. One must always walk before one can run. You now have a desire to run, do you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother.

Our Lady: Go in the peace of My Son. I love you and surround you with My protective mantle.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother. Please care for my family.

Our Lady: This I continue to do child.

Message of April 27, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, will You speak with me?

Our Lady: Child, I am your Mother. I am here.

Ruth Ann: I just need to hear Your quiet, calm voice.

Our Lady: Keep your peace. That is most important. Do not let the evil one cause you to lose this peace. When My Son was preaching God's word, He would have times when He would need to come to Me, because of the lack of acceptance and uncharitable remarks made to Him. The apostles sought the help of the Mother of Jesus many times when they would lose their peace. Child, I am here. God has granted Me this grace. He has allowed Me to walk among you and minister to His children. Come to Me. Ask Me to assist you in regaining and retaining the peace of My Son, Jesus.

You have an important job to do, child. It requires much strength, energy, and trust in your God. He would not expect so much of you if He did not think it possible for you to do these things. Do not let those around you distract you through their lack of peace. Listen when it is necessary, but give it all to God. You are not to be concerned about the mechanics of this ministry, child. You are to listen, be obedient, and share the word being told to you.

When someone comes to you seeking prayer, pray with them. You are not to be distracted by those who come to detain you with their con-cerns or the sins of others. They are not to detain you or keep you from ministering to others. If there are problems or concerns they wish to bring to your attention, they are to approach your husband. He will discern their needs. You have a specific mission at this time. It has been told to you over and over. Listen, be obedient and share. Pray for those requesting prayer. God will tend to the rest, as long as you do His will.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Mother. You already make me feel better.

Our Lady: Child, tell those who come to you, you have nothing to do with the mechanics, and they have to take it up with your husband. He can put them in touch with someone that may be able to help them. You are not a counselor, so it is not even necessary for you to listen to the special problems of those for whom you pray. They, those who come for prayer, need only petition God from their hearts. They need not have their petitions said nor written to receive the graces, blessings, and healings they come seeking. They need only hold their needs and desires in their hearts. God knows each child's needs and will tend to it in His way and in His time. You need only touch each person as God has asked you to do. This is an act of obedience on your part. In your doing so, you act as a conduit from God to each of His children. You are an instrument being used to tend to the needs of His children. It is their faith and trust in Him that allows Him to work great blessings and wonders in their lives.

You are at peace, child. Keep this peace throughout the day. I give you My Motherly blessing and ask that you continue to minister to God's people as the need arises. Thank you for responding to this call from Heaven.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for restoring my peace and explaining away some concerns.

Our Lady: It has been My pleasure to help you.

Message of May 11, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann: Mother, I am full of sadness.

Our Lady: Yes, child, I know.

Ruth Ann: Even though we knew it had to be this way, and that it is the right thing to do, we will miss our horses.

Our Lady: Little child, you are not to be attached to anything of this earth.

Ruth Ann: I have been told this many times before. I've also been told that all my animals will eventually be removed from me. 'Thy will be done'. My heart aches, but is this the will of God?

Our Lady: Yes, child, it is. Your life has changed. It is no longer your will, but God's will be done. You will experience pain, but you will also experience peace; peace at knowing you are always obedient to the will of God, no matter how painful. It is all part of following in the footsteps of My Son. It is all part of the cross. The pain purifies the soul and brings it to new heights never before experienced. You have spoken of peaks and valleys, child. These you will continue to experience.

Ruth Ann: I feel there are more valleys than peaks at this time of my life, Mother.

Our Lady: Are you sorry you have given your 'fiat'?

Ruth Ann: Not really sorry, but I'm not sure I am capable of doing all that God has expected of me.

Our Lady: Child, all of God's chosen instruments are capable. The graces are always there for those who choose to do the will of God. Man has a free will though, child, and he can choose to walk away from the work that God has in store for His children. Many choose to do so. You are not one of these. God knows your heart, and He knows you will persevere to the very end of your mission.

Ruth Ann: Then He knows something more than I do, Mother, because at times this all becomes almost too much to bear.

Our Lady: These are the times you must call upon your Mother. I am here whenever you have need of Me, remember. I have told you that before. My Jesus and your Jesus are here for you. Do not hesitate to share those things that are burdening you. Your Jesus loves you, just as I do. We do not wish to have you suffer needlessly. Certain things must be done in your life in order to prepare you for what lies ahead. There is much more for you to do, and you must become detached from worldly things.

Ruth Ann: As I said to You this morning, Mother, or maybe it was to Your Son, I hope that does not mean husband, children, and grand-children.

Our Lady: Child, and you were told, they are family. Family was and is very important in the eyes of God, so no, you will not be asked to become detached from your family. Your family is a gift from God. They will help you in your ministry. You do not understand what I am saying, but it is to be so. You will spend less and less time with them, because of God's work being the number one priority in your life, but they will always remain close to you.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother, for these words. I needed to hear those words. I was afraid God wanted them removed from me.

Our Lady: No, child, this is not part of God's plan. Be at peace with all that is and will be changing in your life. God's plan is perfect. Know you are loved and being cared for during this time. Be obedient to His will and be patient. All will unfold before you as God allows. It must be done in His time and in His way, child.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, I realize it, but it is still difficult for me to wait, not knowing what is to come next. Much is happening that disturbs my peace.

Our Lady: Yes, child, I know to what you are referring. You were forewarned, were you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, I was, but it doesn't make it less difficult to handle.

Our Lady: Continue to pray, and know all things happen for the greater honor and glory of God. God's plan is perfect. His children need only be obedient and follow His will and not their own. That makes all things fall into place. It also brings with it, peace.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Mother.

Our Lady: I love you, My little daughter. Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus Christ.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother.

Message of June 21, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I need encouraging words. I always feel so foolish and humiliated after giving a talk or praying with lots of people. You know I really don't like having to do this. Since I feel this way about this, is this really something You want me to do?

Jesus: Little one, why do you suppose you feel this way? Even if I hadn't asked you to do these things, can you find it said anywhere that it is wrong to witness of God's good works to those around you? So, is it wrong to pray with those in need of prayer? You know both things are good, both are of Me, so if you are feeling to the contrary, you must realize that the evil one is trying to make you feel foolish and humiliated, because what you are doing is of Me. He would have you feel this way in hopes it will discourage you from continuing what I want you to do. Realize, little one, that it will get more and more difficult as your ministry grows, because Satan and all his cohorts wishes to stop you.

It is difficult for My children to stand steadfast and witness. It is difficult to pray with others when you feel you are so unworthy to be standing in for Me. Know, child, this is what I am calling you to do. Be at peace with this, little one. You are only an instrument. You need not be concerned about the 'why' or 'how'. Only be concerned about being obedient. You want so much for each person that you touch, that you forget it is My will, not your will that this be done. You have no control over what I choose for each person who walks in faith to receive the prayer and touch that comes from Me through you. You need only be obedient and do what I ask of you, little one.

My children need those of you who will listen and witness to the goodness and greatness of God's love and mercy, to be available to do His will. Please, little one, do so with love and faith. Trust in Me, little one. I would not have you do such as this, if there was not such a need in this day and age of darkness. The faith and trust of My children is waning, little one. So many wish to be in control, that they have forgotten God is the giver of all gifts, including their lives, that they waste so foolishly on frivolity.

Little one, I know you have these feelings of unworthiness, and wish that someone else would do this, but child, it is you whom I have chosen for this task. Your cross is feeling very heavy for you today. I see and feel it in your heart. Therefore I'm telling you, give it to Me, and I will carry this burden for you until you have the strength to again pick it up and follow in My footsteps.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You have enough to carry. I am so sorry I am putting this burden before You today, but I really don't know what else to do.

Jesus: Little one, have I not said this to all My children, "When life gets too burdensome, come to the foot of the cross and place these burdens there. Come to Me, and I will give you rest." I do not wish for My children to carry more than they are able, so therefore, until you feel stronger and more at peace with what I am calling you to do, let Me help you with this burden.

Ruth Ann: You know this is making me feel guilty, Lord. You do so much for me, why is it so difficult for me to do these things for You?

Jesus: There are many reasons, little one. This is not commonplace in your world today. Witnessing and laying on of the hands is something done in the times of My coming and ministering to God's people. Now it is being revived in preparation for My Second Coming. God is ministering to His people through those whom He has chosen. Those who are listening and being obedient are being used to pour forth His Holy Spirit. Be grateful you are being called to be of help to those who are in need of God's peace. Be pleased that lives are being touched because you have been given this grace. Do not allow the evil one to degrade and bring you down.

Be at peace, little one. Know that because you have said 'yes', and continue to say 'yes', others are having burdens lifted from their hearts, minds, and souls. Their burdens become lighter as yours becomes heavier. You do not understand the importance of all you are doing. You do not choose to, and you do not wish to. This is to your credit.

Ruth Ann: Lord, no, it is because I do not wish to deal with it. I do these things because this is what You ask of me. I wish to be obedient. I wish no credit. If I could, I would run away, just as the apostles did at the time of Your passion and death on the cross. It's that I feel I have no choice, I would feel so guilty if I walked away. On the other hand, I feel so stupid and unworthy because I don't walk away. I feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place, as the saying goes.

Jesus: Little one, you have a free will. Many choose to walk away. Many are called, and few are chosen. You have been tested through time. God knows your heart. Need I say more?

Ruth Ann: No, Lord, I do feel better. Thank You for helping me with this cross, and thank You for sending so many people into our lives to help us with all that needs to be done here on the farm.

Jesus: God has chosen you and your family to help with the needs of His children through prayer, the farm, and your witnessing. He will not leave you to tend to the mechanics of all that is needed to be done in order to accomplish His good works through you. Be at peace, little one. God loves you. He will tend to all of your needs. You need only be obedient and share all these gifts He has given you with others.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, I hear You. Please help me to be strong, help me to do Your will and not let my humanness get in the way of Your desire for me and Your people.

Jesus: Continue to listen and be obedient. I will tend to all of the rest.

Message of November 8, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, here we go again. I have been sitting on a message I received many weeks ago. Now it is to begin. All things are being done that have been asked of me. These things are not easy, Lord. You continue to ask more and more.

Jesus: Little one, if you did not do these things, you would not be obedient. Without obedience, there would be no growth. You must continue to trust and be obedient; for all things there is a reason. Many will be able to hear you witness and be brought to the farm. This is the desire of My Mother. This place is a special place of peace and prayer. Know that the graces being dispensed here will be instrumental in the saving of souls. Many conversions will take place here, little one. I know you do not truly understand, but this is not important that you understand. The fact you listened and are obedient, is of great importance. Without your willing-ness to follow the will of God, these things would not take place. You must continue to be pliable. The Lord will continue to mold you to His liking. You are not to worry. It will all be done for you. You need only continue to say 'yes' to all God asks of you.

Ruth Ann: You know, and I know Lord, each thing I do is difficult for me.

Jesus: Your sacrifices are earning many graces, not only for you, but for others as well. If you think of these things you do as graces for others, that should be of help to you. You wish for My children to receive healings, and what better healing than that of the soul? Other healings too, are made available to My children here. But the best of all, is the spiritual healing that takes place for having come here to pray.

My Mother is here to dispense graces to Her children at all times. The holy angels and saints are here to also minister to My children. You do not understand why you were called to be a part of such blessings. But it is because of your faith, trust, and willingness to be obedient to the will of God, no matter what the cost.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You know I did not wish to have my picture in the paper, nor did my husband. We do not wish to be the focus. Your Mother has said to stay focused on You and prayer. We have tried to do that here, Lord. The message I was given in September, to begin witnessing at the farm weekly, really bothers me. I don't mean in my spirit, but I didn't want to be tied to a specific time and place. Too, I felt people would think that was pretty arrogant, to begin witnessing where I live.

Jesus: Little one, God has a purpose for each task He puts before you. As each task is done, more will be expected. How do you expect to grow, if you are not asked to do these things that are difficult for you? If you continue along, and are not to do anything beyond what you are already doing, there is no growth. I have asked you to minister to My people. How can you minister if you are not made visible, so they can see, hear, and pray with you? God knows your heart, and knows you do not choose to be visible. If your wish was to be visible, and receive recognition for all you do, then you would not be used in this way. God wishes His servants to be humble. He wishes for His children to realize that all gifts given, are given from Him. You, child, know you could do nothing without the graces provided you by your Lord God.

Ruth Ann: Not only that, Lord, I would not have chosen to do these things asked of me.

Jesus: You have not chosen Me, I have chosen you. It is because of your faith, humility, and desire to please Me, that you are an effective tool for Me to use, little one. Your husband is of great support to you, this is also through the grace of God. You were concerned about your children pulling away from you because of this last article in the paper, since it was local. But they too, continue to have the strength and faith to support you. Where do you suppose this strength comes from?

Ruth Ann: Lord, I know where it all comes from. Remember, I have given you my children and grandchildren, if You desire to take them away from me. Everything I have is Yours, Lord. I have nothing more to give.

Jesus: That is where you are wrong. You have everything to give, and it continues to be a blessing to Me, little one. The gift of self, and all you possess, are everything to Me. Not many are able to do this child. Your gift is everything. Body, mind, soul, and all you hold dear on the earth, are the greatest gifts you can give to Me. You have come a long way, and you do not realize this. You are awaiting My arrival, and are being prepared. Be patient, and know that all must be in My time and in My way. Nothing you say or do can go unnoticed by your Creator and Redeemer. You are of great importance to Me, little one. God loves you and is watching over you. Be at peace with all you do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I am at peace.
I'm just not looking forward to the witnessing, but then I didn't want the article or the picture in the paper either. So Thy will be done, Lord. I love You, and wish to be of help to You in any way I can. Even if it is doing those things I find difficult.

Jesus: I know your heart, child. Be at peace with all that is happening in your life. It is all part of God's plan. Remember, His plan is perfect.

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.