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September 2007
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of July 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: I have been so busy with so many prayers for others, I have had little time to listen and record.

Jesus: Child, do not feel bad about this. You have ministered to My children. That has been your number one priority, and that is what I would have you do.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I've had no time for 'me' for over a week now. The phone continues to ring. I cannot step outside my door without some-one needing prayer. It is getting extremely difficult to have time for me or my family.

Jesus: You will be given respites, little one. God will not overload you.

Ruth Ann: I had thought I would have time with my family this summer, but we've only gotten together two or three times.

Jesus: Yes child, your Jesus knows this. This is to be, little one. So many of My children are hurting, and need prayer. They also need the encouragement of your faith and trust in Me. How else would those who stumble around in the darkness be able to come to the light of their Jesus, without the helping hand of one who has witness of the greatness of God? You are one of those child, one who can witness of the greatness of God's love and mercy. You were pulled out of a life of darkness into the world of light. You are not to keep this light for yourself, little one. You are to share this light with all those who will listen.

You are extremely busy, child. Why? There is a need. My little ones are hungry for the word. They are hungry for anything and anyone who can give them the strength to walk on in the struggle of life. You feel you are having a difficult time, and God knows you are. Think, little one, how difficult it must be for those who have no faith and trust in a God Who is light, and love, and peace. You complain of being too busy, but child, without children such as you, My other ones would be lost, and afraid of all that is to come.

Many are noticing the signs that surround them, the signs that are to usher in My Second Coming. They need a place, they need a person, they need something special that only children of light can give at this time. They need to hear, "Yes, it is time for the Second Coming, and you must prepare, but be not afraid about what is to come. Keep your eyes on God and trust in Him, and He will see you through these times that are upon us."

God loves His children, little one. Is it not obvious in all He is doing to help each one come to the light? He is setting up stations of prayer all over the world. He is using My Mother, the Mother of all, to call Her children to prayer. Look at all the visible miracles and signs given to so many. These are not to be kept, these are to be shared. Many receive signs and miracles and do not share. These signs and miracles are to be shared. These are given to strengthen the faith of others. This is all part of the evangelization the Pope, the Blessed Vicar of My Church, is calling all of his children to participate in. He is needing the help of all of his children.

Many of the religious who have carried the load of this evangelization have fallen by the wayside, or have forgotten what their role is as sons and daughters of the head of My Church. So much of the responsibility is falling on those such as you, who will share and give of your life, in order that others may grow in their faith and trust in God. Continue to pray for all those who have need of having their faith strengthened, little one. Continue to be used as an instrument of peace and love. Many souls are being strengthened, and are receiving miracles that would otherwise be unclaimed.

Ruth Ann: I really don't mean to complain Lord, because I know how much encouragement is needed. I also need that encouragement as much as the next one, Lord. I'm certainly nothing special. I have the same hopes, fears, and doubts at times. I too, need prayer and encouragement.

Jesus: Yes little one, I continue to touch the hearts of many to let them know you too, need much prayer. You become tired and discouraged when you are persecuted by those who wish to harm you, but many are praying and making sacrifices on your behalf, so you can continue on in your work for Me. That is how it works, little one. You are all one family, and in a family, each one helps the other members who are in need. Each child in the family is given a different role to play, and different gifts, but all is to be shared for the good of the whole family.

It is as I have told you before, God has a perfect plan. It is a giant puzzle. Each piece must fit into place in order for the complete picture to be made whole. It is important that each of My children listen to God and follow His will, so that they can help fit the pieces into place. As their pieces are fit into place, the big picture is made clear, but it takes all of My children, listening and working for the honor and glory of the Father, and doing His will, not their own, for all to fall into place. You, and what you are doing, is only a part or a piece of the puzzle, little one. God is using you to help all the others who are in need of guidance and encouragement, to help them know their part in the picture.

God wishes all His children to share in His goodness and mercy. This He is giving through the faith and miracles to you, and others like you. This is not only your responsibility. This is the responsibility of all God's children. Share all the goodness and miracles that God in His divine mercy is giving to you, and watch the seeds that are planted grow into beautiful flowers and plants, that will have been rooted in solid ground. Spreading God's word, so that others can develop into a stronger Christian, ready to go forth and witness to others, is most important, little one. That is how God is touching the minds and hearts of many.

It is no longer feasible to attend Mass on Sunday, and go about the rest of the week as though you are in charge of all that is going on. It is the time of living your faith twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There is no vacation from God. You cannot separate yourself from God. He is with you continuously. He is responsible for every breath you take. You cannot say, "I have been to church and have given God His due, now I can spend the rest of the time for me." This is not so, little children. You are to live the word of God in all you do and say. You are to witness to His goodness by sharing all He has done in your life, so that the faith and strength that is needed for all God's children in these trying times will be available to all those in need. This is quite a responsibility, but one that each one is capable of doing. In sharing your faith with others, the faith of the other person will be strengthened, and on and on it will go, until the big picture will be made clear, the big picture which is God's plan.

I know you have much to do today. Go in My peace, child. Know you are being strengthened and helped in this journey of faith by the prayers and sacrifice of others. God's graces and blessings are yours in abundance.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Lord.

Message of October 21, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: I thank You for seeing us through the weekend of prayer. Many have written thanks to us, letting us know how much they have needed and appreciated a mini-retreat. It makes it all worthwhile. I'm only sorry the weather wasn't more beautiful.

Jesus: My Mother has said She is calling those She wishes to be here, did She not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Then those who were to be there, were there. Those She did not wish to have come at this time, were not called. It is as simple as that, little one.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I thank You and Your Mother for the many miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit given to many in prayer here on the farm. I know we are not to be caught up in the 'externals', as Father Ron calls them, but Lord, so many of Your children need those things as reinforcement.

Jesus: Little one, your priest is not downplaying My miracles, and signs, and wonders, given as faithbuilders; but he is only saying what I Myself have said many years before him, "Do not come seeking signs and miracles, but come seeking the word of God." The externals are only there to give graces to those who are already seeking the face of God. He wishes to protect you and this place of prayer designated by My Mother to be a quiet refuge for many in the days to come. He too, is only trying to do the will of My Father, just as you and many before you have done.

It is not an easy path, but those who love Me do not have an easy path to follow. But then, neither was the path that I had to walk on the way to Calvary. Each one of you has your own Calvary, but it must be so in order to inherit the Kingdom of God. Heaven is to be earned, little one. It cannot be handed to you as a gift, just because God loves you. It is true that I have suffered and died to give you the right to inherit the Kingdom, but you have to earn your way there. It is by the crosses that you carry, and the heartaches along the way, that you finally will be allowed to enter a place earned by many of My beautiful souls.

Let Me explain it to you this way. As a child, you have the right to the love of your parents, but it is through being obedient and following the rules set up in their household that you truly earn their love and the home they can provide for you. So too, must My children follow My rules, so that the love that God has for them can be shown to them in the reward of eternal salvation, the home He can provide for His children that lasts for all eternity. When you think in terms of 'forever', little one, the difficulties, the hurts, the sufferings here on earth take on a whole new perspective, do they not?

Ruth Ann: Lord, I hope You don't feel I'm complaining, because that is not my purpose in talking to You of these things. I love You, and want to please You.

Jesus: Little one, many come to you and say, "I can relate to what you are saying. It is as though God is speaking to me." I am speaking to them. It is through you and your simple honesty and faith that many hearts are being touched that could not otherwise be touched. You yourself have said you don't understand why you are being used by God as an instrument. It is easier for My children to relate to one such as you. Many love God and need to know that they too, are loved by Him. Many feel they are not worthy to walk into His Kingdom. I have died to give all My children that right. Now, it is up to them to continually pick themselves up again after each fall, ask for forgiveness, and continue on in this struggle with darkness, to walk into the kingdom of light.

Child, you are working in a mighty way just by being you. You love God, and you continue to love God no matter how great your sacrifice. You listen to God and follow what He is asking you to do. He wishes His words to be shared, to give hope, and peace, and strength to all those in need. My other children look at you and see how difficult life is for you, and how you have to continually pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue on. This gives them hope. Your faith has saved you, little one, and it will continue to be the salvation of many, many more to come. God is not through with you yet. The things you are doing for Him at this time are only a sample of what will be expected of you as time goes on. You have said 'yes' to the will of God. It is in your saying 'yes' that doors will be opened wide for others to come into the Kingdom of God.

Pope John Paul II has called for 'evangelizing' by all of My children. You are doing just that. Through your witnessing and sharing, others too, have been inspired to evange-lize. It is all part of the plan. You were told the words spoken to you would be far-reaching. You could not understand how this could or would be. You are beginning to see how God works, little one, how He uses the very least of His children to go forth in faith to provide for others of His children. Your faith amazes many, child, and it strengthens those who tend to be weak in their faith.

Child, go forth and spread My words, by listening and writing all that I am saying to you. All your needs will be provided for by the One Who has created you for this very purpose. My peace be with you, little one.

Ruth Ann: I thank You Lord, for talking with me.

Jesus: I thank you for listening

Message of January 20, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I'm not sure I thanked You for seeing me through another talk. If I didn't, thank You.

Jesus: Little one, do you remember what you said to Me right before you were to give the talk?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, I do. I remember saying I didn't want to deal with preparing for the talk, and after spending two or three minutes looking over the outline, I said to You, "If what I am doing is really of You, and if I'm really on the right path, You'll make this one of my best talks. It will flow smoothly and the words will pour forth without any hesitation and with little effort from me."

Jesus: Was it not so? Did I not come to your aid? You continue to 'test', little one. That is as it must be. I know your heart, and how you do not wish to say or do anything that would not be as I would have you do. You will not lead anyone astray, child. These talks are a witness of all the good the Lord God has done in your life. There is no way you can go wrong. But, little one, I will continue to reassure you at every possible moment in your journey. I realize what you are doing is not easy for you, but I intend to make it as easy as possible. It is because you have said 'yes' to all that has been asked of you. Sometimes you are reluctant, and you find what you are asked to do extremely humiliating, but you continue to do what is asked of you, no matter what.

Ruth Ann: Lord, You are referring to laying hands on people and praying with and for people. That is terribly humiliating for me. Many of those I am asked to pray for are better and holier people than me. Besides that, I feel priests should be doing that kind of thing.

Jesus: Some do, child.

Ruth Ann: The things You ask me to do: the witnessing, praying with people, and recording and reading what has been told to me, are all things that bring attention to me, and I'm one who wants no attention. I was in hopes this could all have been done anonymously.

Jesus: That would have been impossible, child. You were told from the very beginning you were to share and witness to your healing and all the other miracles that had been given to you. Had you not told who you were, they would not have had the impact that they now have. Other things that had to happen along the way would not have been possible. So in your saying 'yes,' many graces and blessings have been made available to those who otherwise would not have received them.

Ruth Ann: I guess I just need to have Your reassurance.

Jesus: You have My reassurance and My love. You also have My peace.

Ruth Ann: Lord, I have another talk coming up this weekend. Would You please see to this one also?

Jesus: Little one, it is done. Give it all to Me and I will use you in the fullest possible way to touch the minds and hearts of My children. Many graces and blessings accompany you on each one of your talks. My Mother and I choose those We wish to have listen, at just the right time. So it is as you have said, you are among those brought there by Us. How can the group ever be a hostile one? You will find the ones who are listening and being touched, know in their hearts they were supposed to be there. So don't ever be afraid to stand up and witness for fear of being 'put on a spot'. No one wishes to do that to you. They too, know they would have difficulty witnessing in front of their peers.

My children appreciate your courage and trust in Me and My Mother. In your witnessing to your faith and trust, it strengthens the faith and trust of others. That is how this sharing of faith works, little one. It is called 'evangelizing'. That is what all My children are being called to do by Pope John Paul II. Many more need to take it seriously as you do.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, for Your words of encouragement.

Jesus: Thank you for listening and carrying out the work here on the earth that you have been asked to do for your brothers and sisters.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord. Be with me today. I have much to do.

Jesus: Little one, I am always with you. Go in My peace.

Message of February 6, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus, I'm in need of encouraging words. The world seems to be filled with so many contradictions. I go to church and I hear that we are to go out and evangelize, but yet when I do, there are those who think I'm a 'kook' for doing so.

Jesus: Little one, those who are 'of the world' find what you are doing strange and out of sorts because it is not keeping with the move to the 'new age'. In evangelizing about what God is doing and has done in your life, you are drawing those who are listening back to their roots of faith. God, Who is the source of light and love and peace, wishes His children to live in this light, little one. He is in need of you, and those such as you, who will stand up and are willing to be martyrs for their faith. You have declared war on Satan and all his cohorts, little one, so life for you is not going to be easy. You must know, however, that what you are doing is needed. You are renewing My children's faith, little one. You are letting them know that God is, and has been working in your life, and wishes to do the same in their life and the lives of their loved ones.

What you are doing, child, is the same thing the apostles and disciples did in the times that your Jesus walked upon the earth. Remember the words I have spoken to you many months ago, before all of this truly began, the talks and healing prayers, and so forth. I said to you, "When I walked on the earth, I performed many miracles. You My child, will do even greater things." Know in your heart, you have only touched the tip of the iceberg. You have so much work to do, but you are being prepared gradually, little one. This is so you will not be overwhelmed. Your faith is strong, and it is such by the grace of God Who has molded you over time. You have been tested and found to be just as God knew you would be, steadfast of heart. You have the stamina to do all God will ask and expect of you.

Your Mother, and Mine, has drawn you into the folds of Her protective mantle and will continue to guide you and those sent here to this place of prayer. Here My children will find peace. My Mother is giving graces and blessings in abundance here. There is such a need, little one. My children are hungry to feel at peace. They are hungry to hear the word of God, and they are hungry to see miracles. The media has filled their world with horror stories, death, filth, and immorality. The media continues concentrating on all the evil in the world, and man is finally getting tired of seeing and hearing all this evil. Man is tired. He is tired, and he is afraid. What will tomorrow bring? The world is full of darkness and it needs a light brought into this darkness. Let the light of Christ shine through you, little one, and let it touch the minds and hearts of all those with whom you come in contact.

God loves you. He also knows you have much turmoil in your life. He knows the things you are doing are not easy for you or your family, but little one, you at least are doing them. It is as you said to someone this morning, "The world is in such a mess, someone has to do some-thing." That person's reply surprised you. He said, "Thank God you have the faith strong enough to stand up and make a difference." Child, you are making a difference in the lives of My children. They are amazed you have had the faith to share what your Mother and your Jesus are doing in your life. They are amazed and grateful that you have not chosen to turn your back and walk away. Many know that is what they would have done. Not many wish to stand up and be counted. Not many wish to be persecuted for trying to do exactly what each of My children should be doing.

So yes, child, you struggle, and you continue to do all that I would have you do. You have been saddened because I have removed much from you, the support and encouragement you have needed. You have said you miss the visions that you once received. They were removed for a reason, child. You were left to go on faith alone. This, too, was a test. This will be returned to you, little one, at a time when I choose. You were given a special vision and comfort on the tenth anniversary of your father's death. This was a special gift to you for all you have done for Me. God wished you to have comfort that day in order to lessen your sadness, so you were given a special grace. An angel was sent to you to comfort you. He also asked you, "Ruth, do you know what it is you are to do?"

Ruth Ann: Lord, it didn't look like an angel, it looked like an old man, and since it looked like an old man, why couldn't it have looked like my Father? I really don't understand any of this. Why the question? I didn't understand him, therefore I didn't answer him. And why did he call me 'Ruth'? I go by 'Ruth Ann'.

Jesus: You are called both, are you not?

Ruth Ann: Yes, but You know what I mean. I prefer 'Ruth Ann'.

Jesus: Little one, all of the questions will be answered one at a time when the time is right. At the present, just be grateful that God sees fit to bless you with these graces from time to time.

Ruth Ann: I am. I am also pleased about another grandchild on the way. Thank You for allowing our daughter to become pregnant without any difficulty.

Jesus: That is another gift from God. All of your prayers concerning your family will be answered, child, rest assured that God is pleased with you, and you ask for so little, only those things that God Himself would desire you to have. So giving to you is a simple task, and a pleasure for Me to do. Continue to pray for all those in need, child. Minister to My people as I have said to you, and I will see to your every need and desire. Now, go in My peace and know that I am pleased with all you are doing. Let My peace fill your heart. Know that I am God and can do all things for all people. I bless you and I love you, little one.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Lord. Thank You.

Message of September 8, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Lord, I can't get back to sleep, and I feel You are wanting to speak with me.

Jesus: Little one, this is true. You are experiencing concern about many things, and you need not. Your concern for all things must be placed in the hands of One Who is in control. You are merely human, child, and can do nothing about any of the things that are bothering you. So why do you fret so?

Ruth Ann: It's probably habit, Lord.

Jesus: Habit, and the tactics of the evil one. How many times must I remind you that when your peace is being disturbed, it is not of Me. Always come to Me when you are concerned about those things of which you have no control. Be at peace, little one.

Ruth Ann: Yes Lord, I'm already feeling better.

Jesus: Those things I am telling you are also important for My other children to hear and to realize. The evil one uses all kinds of tactics to bother My children. When you are of Me and at peace, nothing can disturb this peace that surrounds you. Too many times, doubts and fears creep into the minds of My little ones, and then those things that normally are considered little irritants, become bigger and more stressful than they should become.

Be at peace little children, God is in control of all that is happening. He knows your every fear, hope, and dream. Give all to Him. He has a reason and purpose for all that is going on in your life. All things work for the good of God, when you are striving for the holiness that God desires for you. Even the bad can be worked for good. Remember, God can use all things for His greater honor and glory. You do not see the big picture, but know that as long as you do the will of God, He will tend to the rest.

Ruth Ann: Thank You for the reminder, Lord. Is there anything else You wish to add?

Jesus: Only this. My Mother is calling My children to unite in prayer. This is extremely important. Those who are listening to Her call are pleasing to Me. She works tirelessly trying to help My children recognize the importance of the times. Make no mistake about it, little one, the end times are in your midst. Those who choose to close their eyes and ignore all the signs, are only fooling themselves. The need for prayer is great in your world, and My children would do well to listen to My Mother.

Ruth Ann: Many do not wish to hear, Lord.

Jesus: You are right, child, because if they truly listen, they know then in their heart, that lives must be changed. Their TVs and radios must be silenced. The time spent con-cerned about those things of the world, could, and should be spent focused on prayer. Effort should be put forth toward the saving of one's immortal soul, and the souls of others. Instead, the time is spent trying to find ways to tend to the physical pleasures of the world, or in some cases, man shuts himself in the confines of his home, watching TV.

The television has destroyed family life. Time that used to be spent in communicating with one another, and interacting with one another, My children are spending in isolation, swallowed up in a world of make-believe. It has destroyed family life, values, and the peace of My children. The media in general, seeks to share all that is ugly. It is rare that the headlines in a newspaper tell of something good happening. Magazines, newspapers, movies, television, radio, all seem to find the negative and dark side of My children, and sensationalize it to the maximum degree. Even the music of today reflects the moral decay in the world around you.

See the need for prayer, little one? See why My Mother is working so hard, in so many places, to make known to Her children that time is running out? There is indeed, need for change in the lives of My children, and repentance of their sins. Man must not be caught sleeping. Instead, he must become aware of the signs surrounding him. He must realize My Mother is trying to get his attention for a reason. That reason is the salvation of his immortal soul.

Those of you, who are vigilant, are aware of the signs, and have changed your lives for the better. You must pray for the souls of others who are not listening. Pray that their hearts be touched and broken open, to receive the great-ness and goodness of God's love and mercy.

Ruth Ann: Lord, we try to do that in prayer group through saying the Rosary, attending daily Mass, reading the Bible, and praying for others. Is there anything else we should do?

Jesus: Yes, child. Witness to the good that has been done in your life. Those things that happen to you and your loved ones, that has brought about a conversion for you, must be shared with those that have not experienced this conversion. This is called evangelizing. All of My children are called to do this. Anytime the opportunity presents itself, share what God has done, and is continuing to do in your life. This is important in a world filled with darkness and loss of hope.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, little one, and it will shine for those seeking to find hope and peace in their life. In many cases, they do not realize that it is God who is missing from their life. It is My peace they seek. My Mother is trying to guide Her children through the darkness into the light of My love and mercy. Pray for all those caught up in the world, and the darkness of the world. Pray that they recognize the signs that all is not right with their world. Pray for those who will be lost if they do not take the blinders from their eyes.

Ruth Ann: These words will be in print, Lord, as a reminder to Your children.

Jesus: Thank you for sharing, and I thank all those who are in any way helping My Mother spread the importance of what is being shown to those who have eyes to see. Be at peace, little one. Know I am with you through all you say and do. Be obedient, and continue to do the will of God.