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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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September 2008
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of August 22, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, child.

Ruth Ann:  Could You please speak with me?

Jesus:  Of course, child.  I'm always here waiting.

Ruth Ann:  There is much on my mind this morning Lord, especially with all that is happening.  There is so much I don't understand.

Jesus:  Child, you need not understand anything that is happening to you.  You need only love God, and be willing to serve Him.  He will do the rest.

Ruth Ann:  It would be nice to be able to know what is coming, Lord.

Jesus:  Little one, God knows that you have given up much for Him.  He knows that you continue to make sacrifices daily for His children.  All you are doing is not going unnoticed.  God is watching over you.  His hand is upon you and your family.  Remember, I have told you this many times.  Be not afraid.  Do not look to the future.  Look to the here and now.  God will tend to the rest.  Live one day at a time.  You need not know the future.  I will tell you all you need to know.  God reveals to you, through My Mother, only those things He wishes you to know.  You are not to be concerned about what lies ahead.  Whatever it is, you can rest assured that the graces will be there for you.  All the graces you need to see you through what God has planned for you will be made available for you.  No crosses will be too heavy for you.  How can this be, little one?  God is the master planner.  He has your life planned from beginning to end before you are even placed on the earth.  God has taken much care to make His plans perfect.  Granted, man has a free will, but God knows the choices man will make, and why, before you even make these choices.  Why do you suppose He sent His Son to the earth to die for your sins?  He knew it would be desperately needed.  It was not just for the sins committed until His death, it was for all sin, for all time.  My burden was great, little one, and yet I was determined to do the will of My Father.  His plan is perfect, little one. 

Man need not be concerned about the 'why's' and 'how's.'  He need only be patient, good, and follow the will of God.  Sufficient are the burdens of today, little one, and too, are the graces.  Know that whatever I have planned for you, I will be there to minister to you.  The graces will be in abundance for you and all those who are of help to you in what lies ahead.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, many who are being supportive and of help to me seem to be experiencing difficulties.

Jesus:  Child, the evil one does not wish to see those things unfold that would cause more souls to be won over to light.  He wishes to keep children in darkness.  So many souls live in darkness little one, and it has become such a part of their lives that they don't even realize it.  Yes, it is true, the evil one strikes out at those who wish to do good, but remember Who is in control.  The evil one can wreak havoc on the earth, but he cannot win.  He is going to lose, and the time for his losing is drawing nearer.  That should be of comfort to those who are weary of the evil in the world.

Prayer is stronger than those things caused by darkness.  Nothing is stronger than prayer.  Why do you think My Mother continually asks for prayer?  Why do you think She is so pleased with prayer groups that are springing up all over the world?  She knows in the wisdom given to Her that that is how this war of light against darkness is to be won.  How can all this come about?  By those such as you who are willing to witness to the goodness and kindness of the One Who created you, God Himself.  He has allowed many miracles in your life child, so you can share those many miracles with others.  Now, He is making your farm a special place, where the graces and miracles that others need will be available to those to whom you have witnessed. 

Those who are helping you may be attacked by the evil one, but remember, God is in control.  Nothing and no one is stronger than God.  Prayer can overcome anything brought on by the prince of darkness.  You have seen him.  You have experienced his anger and contempt.  You know he would have you or anyone brave enough to witness to the love of God, stopped from doing God's work.  This will not be done, child.  God is a God of love, light, and peace.  That is what He wishes for His children.  They must pray, and trust that God's plan is perfect.  The evil one will be destroyed.  So there is hope child, in all the darkness there is hope. 

Those of you who are working and doing the will of My Father are like a light in the time of darkness.  Think about the feelings you have in a time of a dreadful storm and all the lights go out.  What a relief you feel when someone lights a candle or a lamp, and brings some light into this darkness.  You are like that light or candle, child.  My children in darkness are the ones who feel the relief when you witness to them through your talks, and now through your book.  You have been told you will be a beacon of light in a time of darkness, and it is so,  little one.  The time has come.  You were also told your witnessing would be far-reaching.  This too, is, and has come to pass.  This is only the tip of the iceberg little one, but I will not burden you with tomorrow. 

Know that God is with you in His children who pray for you and assist you in all the ways you need.  Your burden is great, and will continue to grow, but so will the graces that will be needed.  Never underestimate the power and greatness of God.

Ruth Ann:  There is something I wish You would address, Lord.  I've never been given the grace of an apparition of You or Your Mother, but I've seen Satan many times in many forms.  Why?

Jesus:  Child, it is so you will know the ways of the evil one.  It is so you know that he is here walking on the earth, angry, and snatching, and growling at souls, that have no clue they are being used by him.  It is by allowing you to see the evil one that others will be made aware that he is indeed 'for real.'  He is not something that was made up to make God's children be good.  There is a Heaven little one, but there is also a Hell.  It is a horrible, terrible abyss that is ready and waiting for those who turn their back on God, and choose evil over good.  That is a truth, child.  It is not a pleasant truth, but it is so, and believe Me when I say, there are many who choose evil over good. 

Man is consumed by worldliness.  He is consumed by goods, money, and success.  If only man would be as preoccupied with prayer and doing good as he is in doing all the things that give pleasure to the flesh.  The flesh will soon rot, as will the goods and money, and what will be left, what of man's immortal soul?  It will go on forever.  Is it not better for a soul to last forever in the goodness and kindness of God's love and mercy in Heaven, a place of total bliss and euphoria?  Can you imagine being totally consumed by happiness?  That is only a fraction of what Heaven is like, child.  On the other hand, can you imagine total darkness, anger, rage, despair, and suffering forever? 

My concerns for My children are real, little one.  So many have slipped into the ways of the world without even realizing it.  Satan is evil and sometimes direct.  But he is also the prince of lies.  He is subtle and uses others to draw you into sin; through anger, temptation of the flesh, the desire for bigger things and more things.  He can draw you into a web that is difficult to pull away from.  Deny yourself, children.  Give up the ways of the world.  Do not let the ways of darkness consume you.  Look to the light, which is God and His word.  In doing so, you will leave a world that will lead only one way, to the abyss.  God in His goodness will bring eternal rewards attained only by those who are willing to put the world behind them.  Take up your cross and follow Me.  You will not be alone child, and the rewards are beyond your imagina-tion.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for addressing the reason for me being allowed to see Satan.  It seemed a little 'sick' to me, I'd much rather see You or Your Mother.

Jesus:  Child, this too, has been addressed.  My Mother you will see when you reach your eternal reward, Heaven.  You are to see Me, before.  Know this in your heart little one, and keep it there to ponder.  I love you, and appreciate all you and your dear family are going through on My behalf.  I will continue to send those to minister to you and your family through prayer, and in any other way there is a need.  Know this to be true.  I give you My blessing.  Go in My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of August 25, 1993, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  My dear Mother, will You please speak with Me?  I have not spoken to You for a while.

Our Lady:  Child, I am here for you when you have need of Me.

Ruth Ann:  I just feel lonesome to hear You speak to me.  I continue to be so busy.

Our Lady:  Things will quiet down soon child, then you will have time for quiet prayer. 

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for telling me this Mother, because I was beginning to feel like I'd never again have quiet time.

Our Lady:  Do not be discouraged little child, have I not just spoken these words to your prayer group?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Mother, You have.

Our Lady:  This applies not only to your prayer group and other prayer groups, but to you as well.  It is easy for you to get into a rut.   Man must remember that time must always be set aside for prayer.  There must always be a quiet time to sit and talk with God.  There are so many distractions in the lives of My children, distractions that are considered important.  In the end, child, nothing is as important as communicating with God.  Without Him, none of the other things would exist.  You are beginning to see that.  When you are around others, you have the need to say, "All these things that are distracting you are not of importance.  Put your lives in order.  Return to prayer.  Return to church.  Time is running out, and you need to be right with the One Who created you." 

You are learning child, the importance of your mission.  You see so many that seem to be working on the earth with no purpose.  They are going to work daily and tending to their physical needs, but have forgotten their spiritual needs.  You shake your head and walk away, and say to yourself, "They have completely missed what it is all about."  Remember child, it was not so long ago and you were doing the same thing yourself.  There is hope for those who have found themselves caught up in the darkness.  It is through your prayers, and those like you who have been made aware of God's presence and importance in their lives, that they too, will be touched.  So pray child, for all those who continue to wander around in the dark without a purpose in life.  Pray for those who have lost heart, that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will touch them and awaken them to the beauty of His love. 

Life is not easy.  These are difficult times.  God knows this.  That is why He has sent His Mother to minister to His children.  God knows the prince of darkness is having a great time messing with the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of God's children.  This was true in times of old, and it is especially true of this generation.  Man has become so sure of himself, he believes he is the one who is in control and in charge of all things.  He has continually downplayed God's part in creation and all the other things God is responsible for.  Without God, man can do nothing.  With Him, man can do all things.  God has sat back and watched man make a mess of the world He created.  He continues to watch man struggle to do things on his own, making a bigger and bigger mess of the lives of God's children.  If man would only turn back to God little child, He could help man put his life and the lives of all those around him in order. 

Prayer is the key, child.  See why it is so important for those like you to share the word with those who will take time to listen?  The world is full of hurt and pain and suffering of all kinds.  My children need to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  They need to know that God is just waiting for each of His 'prodigal sons' to return to Him and ask Him for forgiveness.  That is all He wishes to hear, and then He will shower them with graces and blessings beyond belief to get them through these trying times.  You must tell them not to lose heart.  There is hope.  God is with you.

He is sending people among you to save you from yourselves and the life of darkness you have made for yourselves.  He is sending light among you to bring you out of darkness.  Be not afraid.  God wishes to draw all of you to Himself.  I, your Mother, have been sent among you to call you back to the ways of God and away from the darkness of the world.  Listen to My call, little children.  Take heed.  God's plan is perfect.  Listen to His words through those chosen to share them.  This is what you are being used for, child.  You are being used as a mediator between Heaven and earth.  You are listening and you are sharing.  This is what God is asking you to do at this time.  Thank you for this, child.

It is most important that you continue to listen and be obedient to His will for you.  As I have said, "I am here to guide you."  I will con-tinue to do so as long as you have need of Me.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.  Continue to pray for all those who have lost their way in darkness.


Message of January 24, 1994, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I thank You again for seeing me through another talk.  You are truly amazing.  You did it all.  Thank You, thank You, thank You!

Jesus:  You had been told it would go well and the graces and blessings would be poured out in abundance.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I could feel the power surge through me over and over, and out into the people receiving prayer.  You were magnificent!

Jesus:  Little one, each person who came to you in faith for prayer, can expect a miracle.  I gave many healings and blessings last night to My people, and I thank you, little one, for ministering to them.  I thank you for being a willing vessel and allowing yourself to be used in such a way.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, even with this peace and joy, there is sadness in my heart.

Jesus:  Yes little one, and I understand.  You do not understand why there is such a need for those such as you to minister to My people.

Ruth Ann:  No, I truly don't, Lord.  Can things really be so bad on the earth that You need such as me to boost the faith of others?

Jesus:  Yes little one, things are bad.  Many are leaving their churches.  Satan has 'done a number' on your world, little one, right under your nose.  The removal of many things that were extremely important as faith builders in your day has caused some to pull away.  Others have been drawn away by laziness and lack of love for their God.  Subtle things have been done on the earth, causing people to lose faith, faith in their God.  Little children such as you are needed to remind your world just how far man has moved away from Me.  Many eyes are being opened as to the causes, but it is too late for man to correct his horren-dous errors.  It is going to take the power of God to bring about a miraculous change in your world.

Pray, little child, that man will begin to awaken from this sleep of darkness that has covered your land, family, and even penetrated the holy places of worship.  Pray for conver-sions.  Be attentive to the signs, My children.  Listen to what My Mother is telling you.  Be obedient children and follow the rules set down for you by God in the Ten Commandments.  Attend Mass and receive Communion as frequently as pos-sible.  Confess your sins.  Fast and do penance.  All of these are necessary to prepare you for what is to come.  Times are not going to get easier.  Much prayer is needed.  Be attentive to God's words, little one.  Continue to minister to My people.  There is a great need and hunger for the words you are sharing.  Your mission will only grow, child, because of your obedience to listen and share. 

I bless you little one.  Continue to do the will of God just as many others have done so before you.  Go in My peace to love and serve God.


Message of January 26, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, Your message to the prayer group is very strong this week.

Our Lady:  Yes, child, there is a need for prayer, fasting and penance among My children, and they continue on about their life without making the extra sacrifices that are needed to help Me with the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.  A Mother can only do so much, and then it is left up to the child to do the rest on his own.  A child must be able to stand alone before he will have the confidence to try to walk.  You, My children, must be able to do the same.  If you do not pray and listen to what I am saying to you, you will not be able to stand firm in your faith, or walk alone when I am no longer here for you.  My messages have become more and more urgent as the world of darkness continues to invade every aspect of your lives:  your homes, schools, places of work and government, have been taken over by the prince of darkness.  It has been so subtly done that many of you are saying, "Where was I when all of this was going on?"

Children, you were right in the middle of it.  Some of you were even instrumental in bringing the moral decay about through your lack of trying to make a difference.  "What can one person do?"  you have said.  One person can make a difference through prayer.  Changes can be brought about through prayer.  Do not be content to sit back and let others try to make a difference.  It is time for all My children to listen and live what is being said to you.  You can look around you and see that the evil one is having a great time destroying all the good that was in you world.  'Was', children, there is very little good left.

Those of you who listen and understand the importance of My messages must make extra sacrifices for those of God's children who still hide their heads in the sand.  They do not realize, and refuse to recognize the signs.  If they were to truly accept, then it would mean they must change their life.  For those living in darkness with materialism their god, this is impossible for them to do.  In the time of Noah, man continued to ignore the warnings, and he perished.  Is this to be the same for My children today? 

I continue to call out, "Please, children, come back to My Son, pray from the heart."  Are My words falling on deaf ears?  You are living in the end times.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you to this fact.  I am your Mother.  I am here to help you.  Thank God for allowing this to be.  He too, wishes to save His children from the eternal abyss.  Children, you must pull away from all those things of the world that would keep you from living your life the way God wishes you to live.  Consecrate your families, yourselves, and others to Me.  I will do all I can to help and I intercede for you before the Throne of God.  Repent of your sins, children.  God so loves a repentent heart.  Dear children, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, but not before there is much trial and suffering for My children here on this earth.  Pray and stay focused on My Son.  I will do all I can for you, but you must do the rest.  Pray, dear children, pray.

Child, do not hesitate to share this message.  The disasters that are falling upon your country are for a reason.  Hopefully, it will get the attention of those who have ignored My pleas for prayer.  This is only the beginning.  Man must turn back to God and seek his peace in prayer.  There is no peace in this world of darkness.  You must seek your peace in the heart of your Jesus.  Stay focused children, even though the world continues to fall apart around you.

Ruth Ann:  These are very strong words, Mother.

Our Lady:  Child, some still will not take them seriously.  You are doing your part by sharing.  It is up to them to listen and take them to their heart.  I bless you, little child, for being obedient.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother, for Your blessing.  Be with me this day.

Our Lady:  Yes, child, go in My Son's peace.


Message of March 22, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus, I wish to thank You for a wonderful day of prayer.  There were many graces given to Your children yesterday through Your Mother.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, and the graces will continue to be poured forth in abundance to all those who choose to accept these graces.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm assuming there were physical, mental, and spiritual healings that took place here yesterday.  I don't always hear of these, but I do hear of all the little miracles that take place. 
Jesus:  These little miracles are to boost the faith of those who receive them.  These are blessings sent from Heaven for those having the faith to expect miracles.  Some of My children are in need of these little gifts of grace, some are not.  Some share with others, so they too, can share in these special gifts from Heaven.  But as your priest has said many times, these are not to be the focus of your prayer life.  Take them as a special gift and thank God and My Mother for these special gifts.  These are meant to draw you ever closer to Me and My Mother.  In doing so, you will be strengthened in faith by these gifts of love. 

Much prayer is needed in your world corrupted by sin and filled with the stench of the evil one.  My Mother continues to call out to all of you to be vigilant and to prepare for what is to come.  God's patience has run its course.  The events set in motion are in preparation for My Second Coming.  The miracles, apparitions, and locutions are all being allowed by God in order to call His children away from darkness.  Those who are listening will be blessed in great abundance.  Their souls will be made ready and they will fear not for their Lord God will be with them in their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.  That is the importance attached to the messages being given to so many of My children.  Prepare your hearts and souls, little children, for you know not the day or the hour.  'Pray from the heart' has been said to you over and over.  Repent of your sins.  Many of these same words were said by John the Baptist to prepare for My First Coming.  And now My Mother is trying to prepare My children for My Second Coming.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, the world is in a mess, and I know the only way to clean it up is through the One Who created the world.  Man has really messed it up.

Jesus:  The evil one has taken over your world, little one.  He has taken over the minds and hearts of those in high places.  He has taken over every aspect of human existence.  Prayer and God's mercy are all that can save your world.  My Mother's pleas continue, and will continue, until God will no longer allow Her to be of assistance to His children.  Time is of the utmost importance.  Conversions are needed now.  Pray that all God's children recognize the importance of all that is going on around them.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, in sharing these messages, they will be made aware.

Jesus:  Being made aware is one thing, prayer is another.  The opening of the eyes and ears to what is to come, is to draw My children to prayer and repentance.  Then My children can be at peace.  Give all to Me.  I have died on the cross to carry your burdens for you.  I have forgiven you your sins.  But you must repent.  My children are needing a cleansing of the soul. 

Confessions are not being heard.  My children need to confess their sins.  They need to seek out a priest to receive absolution for these sins.  The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not being treated with respect.  Many are receiving with serious sins on their souls.  Much is happening in your world that is displeasing to God.  God has had enough, and man will pay the price for all the evil he has brought upon himself by putting God out of his life and letting the evil one into his life. 

I am not telling you these things to frighten you.  Only to help you realize the importance of your ministry here on the earth.  You are right in saying, "God has given me a special anointing to go forth with a new resolve to do His will."  This was given to you in the Holy Land for a reason.  First of all, to come back and share.  Second, because you are being made ready for an even greater cross to carry.  You have exchanged one burden for another.  You are moving up the road to Calvary, little one. You are being prepared gradually for those things that will be asked of you.  This is to come soon, little one. 

Ruth Ann:  I feel this in my heart, Lord, but I'm not afraid, Lord.  I'm really ready for whatever.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, I know this to be true.  You have come home with joy in your heart at being chosen to do something special for God, no matter what the cost. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, it is because of You that I feel this way.  It is because of You that my whole outlook has changed.  The fear has been wiped away.  The doubts are gone.  Thank You also, for sending people into our lives who will pray for us.

Jesus:  All have felt your struggle, little one.  They have realized your burden.  Just as you pray daily for all those who come here to the farm to pray, and you pray for those who ask for prayer, they too, pray for you.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  I love you.  Go about your day in My peace.


Message of August 10, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to add anything in addition to the message?

Our Lady:  Child, My children need to listen to the messages already being given.  Many say they are repetitious, but how do you teach little ones, except by repeating what you wish for them to learn and take to their heart?  I repeat over and over, and still many do not listen, and those who are listening do not take the messages to heart and live them.  Only a few are taking anything being said, seriously.  So many souls are in danger of being lost, and still they do not listen. What must I do to have My children take the messages to heart?  I can only offer the gift of Life.  I cannot force it upon those who choose not to accept it.  Much prayer and sacrifice are needed by My children who are listening.

Ruth Ann:  In looking around, Mother, I truly feel this is a lost cause.  The world is in such a mess, and most people do not even realize there is a real problem here, or that prayer can change things.

Our Lady:  You are right in one sense child, many ignore there is a problem, because if they choose to believe there is a problem, then they must also choose to know there is a solution.  All problems must be solved.  The solution to this problem is simple, turn back to God.  What is so sad, many would say they haven't turned away from Him.  They think they are being faithful to God by attending Mass on Sundays.  Those same people go out all week and do not give God a second thought, or His commandment to love Him and your neighbor.  It takes more than one hour a week spent in a church, to save your soul.  Granted, it is better than nothing, but there is much more to be done.

Pray, My children, for hearts to be touched and broken open, so that each of God's children are aware of Him every waking moment, in the sunrise, the flowers, the trees, the rain, the wind, and the animals.  All things come from God.  Little ones'  lives are being destroyed because no one values all God has created.  Nature, life, there is no respect for either.  Man pollutes and destroys the very earth on which he lives.  He destroys the very air he breathes, and life is no longer respected.  Children are abused, maimed, and killed all over the world.  Why?  Because man has put God out of his life as the Giver of these gifts.  He instead says, it is man's choice to destroy life in any form or stage of existence.  Sad, but true, child, the world has, and continues to turn it's back on the very Author and Creator of all that is seen and unseen to those who live on this earth.

More concern is given over the loss of a historical landmark than over the murder of an innocent victim.  I am speaking of the unborn children who continue to be slaughtered, in the name of it being best for that life not to exist.  Who has chosen to make that decision?  Certainly not the child, and certainly not the Creator of all life.  No, it is through greed, selfishness, and all that is unholy, that these decisions are made.  Your world has much to answer for, because so many stand back and allow these things to take place, without so much as a whimper of protest from those of you who know this is wrong.  There is so much to be done child, and so little time in which to do it.

I am in need of many to pray, and take to heart the messages being given at this time of crisis in your world.  It is time for man to sit up and take notice, and do something about all those things he can change.  Those things he can't change must be bombarded with prayer and sacrifice.  Why do My children not listen?  Why do they not realize the seriousness with which I come to this earth?  I would not be here speaking to so many, if what I am saying was not so important.  Listen, and take to heart, the words being spoken to you.  Recognize that the only hope for your world is through prayer.  Listen, and heed the word of God.