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September 2009
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of October 5, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Jesus.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I wish to thank You, Lord, for making it possible for us to go to the Marian Conference in Chicago.  It was just what Jim and I needed.  It was so good to hear others say all of the things that ring true in our hearts.  It was also good to hear others were, and are, just as reluctant to do Your will.

Jesus:  Child, I am pleased that you have given thanks for something most of My children would, and do, take for granted; and I am glad that the words spoken by others have given you comfort.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'd like to be able to do all that You wish with a joyful heart.  Why is it so difficult?

Jesus:  It is because you must live in a world that is totally covered in darkness, little one.  The evil one and his cohorts try to make life as difficult as possible for those that God has chosen.  You don't think for one moment he is going to give up without a fight, do you?  He is the prince of darkness.  He is a liar, and his destructive ways are evident upon the earth in great force. 

You say it is difficult to do My will, that is because you are concerned about what others would say or will do.  Your main concern should be what God will say, and what God will do.  Your time on the earth is but a blink of an eye, your time spent with Me is forever.  That should put all you say and do here on the earth in proper perspective.  I said, 'should', child.  I know that it is difficult to step out in faith.  I know it is difficult to give up your life, home, and peace of mind.  I have walked that road, remember?  It is a long and difficult path to Calvary; but to receive your eternal reward, one must pick up his cross and follow Me.  The world and all that it stands for must be put behind you.

Ruth Ann:  I know what You are saying, Lord, and most days I am able to cope with all things.  It's just that sometimes Jim and I get the feeling of being overwhelmed.  With Your help, and that of Your Mother, I know we'll be fine.  I guess that is why I was so appreciative of hearing so many 'important' people say they had felt the same way.  The theme of the conference, "You Did Not Choose Me, No I Have Chosen You," kept echoing over and over in my heart.  Many times Jim and I have said that we would never have chosen to do this, never in a million years.  No, we had planned on working, teaching that is, and then retiring, and traveling, living a life of quiet with our family.  We can see that this will never be.

Jesus:  Child, it was never meant to be.  I would have more of My children helping Me if they would only listen and say 'yes' to what I have chosen for them.  Darkness gets in the way.  They turn and walk away, when they find what I want for them is too difficult.  It is easier for them to walk away and say, "This is not of God.  He would not want me to suffer so."  Did I not suffer?  Did I not struggle?  Was I not tempted by the evil one?  Did My human nature not come through at times on My difficult journey to do My Father's will?  The Way of the Cross is symbolic of the many times that My children will fall and be tempted to not go forward in the difficult journey ahead of them.  I fell three times on the way to Calvary.  My children will fall many, many times until their journey is complete. 

You are correct in connecting your burden with those of others I have chosen.  You are beginning to see what lies ahead, little one.  It will continue to get more and more difficult, but do not be discouraged.  Do not lose hope.  I am with you and so is My Mother.  The graces you and your family will need to carry this heavy burden will be made available to you as you need them.  The importance of what you are doing for others far outweighs the inconvenience that is being caused in your life.  You are not to worry.  That is not of Me.  Put all in My hands.  I will tend to your most basic needs, as well as those which you consider great. 

Life is a journey of faith, child.  I know you have heard your priest say that many times.  No one is perfect.  It is through that journey of faith and trust in God that you, as well as all My children, become all I wish them to become, by accepting God's will and going forward at all cost.  That is what one must do, and in order to do that, you must confess your sins, be sorry for them, and receive absolution on a regular basis.  You must receive the Eucharist as often as possible.  These will provide you with the strength and grace to carry on.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, many are receiving miracles on the farm.  I am pleased for this.  Thanks to You and Your Mother, many hearts are being touched.  So many of us are in need Lord, of miracles, in order to believe.  So again, I thank You for the graces You are giving others here.

Jesus:  And I thank you for saying, 'yes.'  Had you not said 'yes', these graces and miracles would not be available to so many.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You always give me more credit than I deserve.

Jesus:  I have so few willing to help Me and My Mother, child.  Your love and consideration for others is truly a blessing for Us both.  Without it, many would still be floundering around in the darkness of the world.  You have provided a beacon of light.  You have blessed Us by allowing Us to use your farm, for the greater honor and glory of God.

Ruth Ann:  I guess I don't see how I can be a blessing to You or Your Mother, Lord.  I have heard You say this before, and the concept goes over my head.  I think in terms of Your blessing us, or the priest blessing us.  I don't think and don't understand the concept of us blessing You, but if You say so, I believe.

Jesus:  (replied with a smile in His voice)  Child, in your faith, you are such a blessing.  How it touches My heart for you to say, "I love You so much," or "If You say so, I believe You, Lord," and "I will really try to do all You ask of me, Lord.  Just don't give up on me and my reluctance to do what You wish for me to do."  Little one, the fact that you want to do My will and that of My Father give you graces beyond belief.

Ruth Ann:  Then why do I feel sometimes like I'd like to walk away from all this and be a normal person, Lord?

Jesus:  That is not coming from the side of light, peace, and hope.  That is when you need Me and the graces of My Mother the most.  The one of darkness continues to thwart all the good that is, and will come, as a result of the goodness and kindness of your heart, and those who are of help to you in any way.  God sees and hears all, little one.  Not one thing goes unnoticed.  Those who are of help to you and do little kindnesses for you will receive blessings, and those who do you harm, too, are being watched carefully.  Those who would do harm to the least of My little ones, they do this unto Me.  My Father will, and is not, pleased with those who slander and find fault with those who give up so much for the sake of others.

Ruth Ann:  Could we please end on a good note, Lord?  I really don't care about those who credit me with things I don't say.  I just think, how do people get such nonsense in their heads?  One day, someone called about a message that I had supposedly been given about the world ending at Christmas time.  Jim and I laughed, because I had never received such a message; and if I did, I would certainly have been suspicious that it was not of You.  You do not give me such as that, and neither does Your Mother.

Jesus:  No child, you are only told those things We wish for you to know.  No one knows the day, or the hour, for the end of the world.   That is why all of My children should always keep their lives in order.  No one knows when they will be called upon to meet their Maker.  I am pleased that you are able to keep a light heart concerning the things that others will credit to you that are not true, or that have not come from your lips.  I am sorry that these are things that will happen, and can only by stopped by those who know the truth.  There will be those who wish to discredit you and the words spoken to you; so lies will be made up, when they find that there is nothing that can be found in your messages contrary to Scripture.  Do not be disturbed when these things happen.  It is all part of the persecution that comes from following the road I walked before you.  It is all part of a very heavy cross that is to be part of your journey of faith and trust in God.  It's all part of doing God's will.  Rejoice, little one.  Rejoice, and enjoy this beautiful day created by God.

Ruth Ann:  I do, Lord.  Thank You for taking time to make a beautiful day even more beautiful.  I love You so much, Lord.

Jesus:  And I love you, little one.  Go in My peace.


Message of March 12, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to speak to me?  I am feeling that You do.
Our Lady:  Child, it is so.  You have just been to a place where My simple 'Fiat' gave birth to a reality that changed the entire world.  That simple 'yes' brought about change.  That is the word that I am wishing you to understand.  You still continue to deny the importance of what you, too, have done by saying 'yes', little one.  You still do not realize the importance of your mission.  You have said 'yes', you have been obedient, and you have watched the fruits continue to grow, but you still deny the importance of your part in God's holy plan. 

Ruth Ann:  Mother, I know my faults.  They are many.  You were a perfect holy child. 

Our Lady:  That was God's will for Me.  That is because I was to be the receptacle of God's most holy Son.  He would not have accepted anything less, and you would not have expected Him to, little one.

Ruth Ann:  No, Mother.  I understand God's will for You, but I don't understand His will for me, or rather why He chose me for these things that are happening, and for whatever is to come.

Our Lady:  You forget all of God's children on the earth are imperfect.  He has said so.  If you were perfect, little one, you would be God.  You have been chosen for your special mission, not for your perfection, but for your imperfections.  How else would others be able to relate to you?  God will do the molding that is needed in your life to make you ready for the very special gift that is to become a part of your every waking moment.  You are to be one with Him, child.  You are to be all that He wishes all of His children to be.  Your simple 'fiat' is bringing this about. 

The time is fast approaching, little child, when your life will be an all-consuming flame burning only for the love of God.  Your purpose for being created and placed upon the earth is soon to be fulfilled.  You have been prepared gradually, little one of God, but the magnitude of your mission will not be felt until My Son asks you to carry His cross.  At that time you will truly realize the reason for your existence. 

The years prior to this have only been a testing ground in preparation for your true purpose.  You, child, through your willingness to do the will of God have said 'yes' and have meant it from your innermost being.  You see, little child, God knows your heart.  It is one of love and compassion for His children.  It is one of sacrifice.  He has seen the love you have for His people to continue to grow, little child, and He is pleased at the progress you have made spiritually.  You have listened to My instructions and the instructions of My Jesus.  You are living your faith.  You care not about the humiliation that is being brought about as a result of turning your life over to the One who has created you.  You do so in hopes it will save souls.  You are willing to die for God's children, little one.  God can ask for no greater love from His children, you be willing to lay down that life for the good of other souls. 

That is the kind of life God wishes all of His children to experience.  He wants His children to die of self and love others with the kind of love Jesus had for His children.  This love is one of complete giving of self so that others might experience life.  The life of which I am speaking is an eternal life, child.  The only life that is truly important is this kind of life.  This is true life in Jesus Christ.  He was the perfect example of the ultimate sacrifice.  Now He is calling you to this same love and compassion for the dying souls all over the world.  He is calling you to make the ultimate and supreme sacrifice of your life, so that others may rise from the dead  By your examples of a true life in Jesus Christ, you will win many from the clutches of the eternal abyss.  What greater love and purpose can one have on this earth, child! 

Ruth Ann:  Mother, You do realize I'm writing this and thinking You surely have the wrong person?  I am not worthy of such praise.

Our Lady:  Child, you still do not understand.  Even if you were responsible for only saving one soul from the clutches of the evil one, you would be of great importance to My Son and Savior of the world.  But you, My child, will do even greater things than this.  Do these words sound familiar?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother, You know they do.  These are words, the first words Your Son ever spoke to me interiorly.

Our Lady:  Believe them, My child, believe them.  Know that soon He is going to make His presence known in your life in a greater way than ever before.  Others are aware even more so than you, that something is about to happen in your life, that will change the destiny of many.  Their lives will be changed and their souls will be saved.  Little child, it is because you have given your life to the God of love and mercy.  You have said 'yes' to the One Who has created you for this special purpose.  Be not afraid, but be grateful for the kind of love God has for His children, that He would use one such as you to save many of His lost souls.  All God asks is that you continue to be obedient and do His will.  He will do the difficult part.  He will mold you and guide you through My Son.  I have done My part.  I have drawn you to the One who will be the ultimate teacher.  I thank you for having responded to My call, child.  In your response, God will be able to use you to save others.

I love you, My little child.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Mother.  Thank You for being patient with me and bringing me to Your Son.  Help me to be all God wants me to be.

Our Lady:  It is done, child.  Go in the peace of My Son.  Enjoy this special trip to the land of Our birth.  All of the desires of your childhood will have been fulfilled in this very special time.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady:  Bless you, little child of God.


Message of August 16, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have a talk today.  Please be with me.

Jesus:  Little one, I will direct all that you do and say.  You need only be open to the will of God, and all things will be done for you.

Ruth Ann:  That always sounds so much easier than it truly is, Lord.

Jesus:  That is because man thinks he is in charge of his life, so he fights against those things that God would have him do.  There is no need to fight against the will of God.  That only brings with it fear, anger, and unhappiness.  Doing God's will brings peace.  Accepting His will brings peace. You, little one, have a difficult time with all of these things.  Even when you think you have finally accepted all that God would have you do, you still find it difficult.

Ruth Ann:  There is so much going on in my life right now, Lord, that I am finding all things difficult.  I feel I am given little direction about what is to come in my life, doing your work.  Why can't You share with me what is to come?  At least I could prepare mentally for those things You would have me do.  Be honest with me, Lord.

Jesus:  Child, I have never been anything but honest with you.  There are just some things that are left unsaid.  Take life one day at a time, child.  You do have much on your shoulders, and you are experiencing much doubt, but it need not be so.  God has His hands upon you.  You are to be patient and let Him work as He sees fit.  One day at a time child, that is all you need to be concerned about.

Ruth Ann:  You say that, Lord, but with the third weekend looming before me, and all the things in between, it is not easy to be at peace.  My life seems to have been turned upside down.  Don't You realize this?  There is no order or organiza-tion in my life.  I am one who needs order.  I never seem to get caught up with all the things I need to do.

Jesus:  Little one, you are letting too many things bother you that are not of your concern.  Again I say to you, turn all things over to Me.  Pray, and do the things you are asked to do, and I will tend to all the rest.  Those things I would have you know, you will be told.  Those things you need not know, will be kept from you until such time God has a need for you to know.  Be at peace with all I am saying to you, little one.  Life need not be such a struggle.  It need not be difficult.  Turn all over to Me, and trust that I know what is best for you and your family.  You need not know the future.  Trust, little one, trust.

Ruth Ann:  You tell me that, Lord.  But on the other hand, You have said and told things to me that are to happen, with no explanation as to time.  Some of the things have a definite bearing on my life, and those of my children and grandchildren.

Jesus:  Little one, when you take up your cross and follow Me, you must be prepared to give up much of your earthly pleasures, but in return, there are great rewards.  Do you not feel blessed by those graces and blessings that others receive for having come to your farm to pray?  Do you not feel pleased when the Lord works through you to bring healings of body, mind, and soul to His children?  Do you not feel pleased when someone has been brought closer to Me, or My Mother, through your prayers or witnessing of God's goodness and mercy?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, You know I do.

Jesus:  Do not be concerned for the future.  Be grateful, little one, that God has given you a part to play in the saving of the souls of His children.  Be at peace with each day of your life, and know God is watching over you.   You will know all these things you have to know.  You will also be given the strength to do all God would have you do.  Be at peace, little one, and let God do the work He wishes to do through you.

Ruth Ann:  I do feel better, Lord.  I guess I was just in need of a sounding board.

Jesus:  Now go about your day, and prepare to share with My children the wonderful miracles God has worked in your life, to bring about a better life for others.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of October 25, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, yesterday was a fairly quiet day.  Even though it rained, it was a beautiful fall day.  The colors have been spectacular this year.  Thank You.

Jesus:  Little one, thank you for noticing Me.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for so many prayers answered.  You know the people I'm referring to, Lord.  It makes what I'm doing truly worth it, when I hear about all those things You have done for Your children.  Thank You too, for all the little miracles You send my way.

Jesus:  Little one, I do many things for all My children, but not all take notice.  The good and the bad accept My little miracles and say, 'What luck'.  I get lots of credit for the bad that befalls My children, but barely get so much as a 'grunt' from the many graces and blessings that are bestowed upon My children regularly.  If all goes well, they feel it is through their talent, or just plain luck.  Man does not realize that I tend to even the smallest of his needs.  You have experienced this on a regular basis, child, so you know exactly to what I am referring.

Ruth Ann:  You are right, Lord, but I'm not so sure I'd have recognized your divine intervention in my life a few years ago.  It's just that my whole life revolves around You now.  We are totally dependent upon You, and Your love and mercy, so even the bad things I give to You, and expect good to come from them.  You always come through, Lord.

Jesus:  All those things that happen in your life have a purpose, little one, even those things that appear to be very hurtful.  The evil one continues to wreak havoc, but remember who is stronger.  I am in control.  I can use even the evil and painful part of your life to the good of your soul, and the good of those around you.

Man wishes to be in control of his life at all times.  He does not realize that God is truly the One Who has the perfect plan.  In giving your life and will over to His, you begin to realize all the wonderful gifts and blessings that have been given to you by your God.  When My children realize this, and acknowledge it, that time is truly a blessing for Me.  You, little one, have so many concerns, some little, and some not so little.  You continue to do the will of God through the tears and pain.  How could I not tend to your every need?

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I have no real physical pain.  It's all through the suffering of others that I feel such pain.

Jesus:  Watch, child.  All things will be for the greater honor and glory of God.  You are not to understand God's ways, little one.  You are only to be obedient and do all that is being asked of you.  Be patient and trust in your God.  He has a perfect plan, and you need only listen and trust in His ways.  I am a God of surprises, am I not?  You have heard this spoken, and these words have truly touched your heart.  You have seen the surprises continue to be revealed to you many times in your life, and the lives of your family and friends.

Ruth Ann:  You do truly amaze me, Lord.  What love and compassion You have for Your children, to tend to even the tiniest of our needs.

Jesus:  I listen to all your prayers and desires, those spoken, and those you hold in your heart.  All prayers are answered, not in man's time necessarily, but in God's time.  Not always in man's ways, but in My way.  Man could do well to say 'not my will, but Thy will be done'.  That is difficult for My children to do.  Again, man wishes to feel in control, and think that he knows what is best for himself and those for whom he is praying.  He really hasn't learned to trust in Me. 

Once the trust has been established, peace comes about.  This peace is the peace that can only come from God.  It is an acceptance of the will of God, no matter how painful and heartwrenching it may be.  With the pain will come an inner peace that will help you accept whatever comes for you, because you know God is in control and all will work for His greater good.  This is His promise, you do the will of God, and he will tend to the rest. Trust.  This is a show of true love of your God.  Once man can learn to turn loose of this desire to always feel in control of all things, and put this control into the hands of His Creator, life will become less difficult. 

Through the pain you are experiencing now, you are learning these things.  This is all part of your journey of faith, little one.  It is a journey that all My children must travel, if they truly wish to do the will of God.  Be at peace, little one, and know God is in control of all things, the great and the small.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I do know that, but it is good to be reminded.

Jesus:  All of My children are in need of reminders from time to time.  Thank you for listening and sharing what I have said to you.  There are others who are in need of hearing this.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of November 11, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, will I ever experience joy and peace in serving You?

Jesus:  Little one, it will come.  There are changes coming about in your life that could not have come even weeks, or months ago.  You continue to grow and accept the cross put before you.  You wish to please Me, and you wish to do My will.  You wish to be of help to My children.  Your heart is full of love for Me.  With all of these things in place, the rest will come.  Of course, you have struggled.  This is to be expected.  You have been attached to many of the things of the world, but gradually you have been pulled away from each of those things that might keep you from giving all to Me.  You have finally been able to say to Me, "Everything I have and possess are Yours:  my family, my home, my job, my animals, my life, all are Yours."   When one of My children can say this to Me and truly mean it, I can truly use them to benefit the souls of many.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am no one special, and I still have moments when I struggle with what You want for me.  It's just as one person said to one of my daughters, 'Who does she think she is, your mother, that God would pick her out of millions of people to talk to?  Does she really believe that He is speaking with her?'

Jesus:  How sad, little one.  I would speak to that person if she would only take the time to listen.  I know these words being spoken by others hurt you, and hurt your family, but those who suffer for My sake, will be rewarded accordingly.  For the many who laugh and criticize you behind your back, and to your face, there will be those who believe and truly understand that God can work in the lives of His children in any way He chooses.  Know in your heart, little one, that yours is the Kingdom of God, because you have said 'yes'. 

Ruth Ann:  I keep waiting to become one who works for you in joy, Lord.  I said earlier that I don't feel peace in what I am doing; that really isn't so, when I think about it.  When I am praying for Your people, I do feel peace and joy.  I even find myself looking forward to praying with those who come seeking prayer.  I never thought I'd be able to say that, Lord.  I really don't even mind sharing and witnessing anymore.  It's just that I don't like being the focal point of anything.  I've never liked being in front of a group, but the more I give of myself, the more I find I want to give.

Jesus:  As you continue to be molded and prepared for what I would have you do, the joy will come.  Right now, you are feeling acceptance with these things you have struggled with for so many months.  You have come a long way, child.  Joy and the burning desire to serve Me were felt in the beginning of your conversion.  As your burdens became heavier and heavier, you experienced dread, fear, and frustration.  Doubts continue to plague and eat at you.  Now you are accepting those things I would have you do.  You don't really understand why you have been chosen, because you know your sinfulness.  As you grow in your love for Me, you will even feel less worthy.  But those who are truly caring and humble, can be used in mighty ways.  So these are important qualities that God wishes to see come about in those who serve Him. 

You are concerned about the article and picture in your local paper, about the farm and the prayer group that has developed, as a desire of My Mother.  You have been told God would take care of everything.  Your children have handled every-thing well, have they not?  I have provided them with the graces to do so.  All are proud of your stepping out in faith to answer God's call.  They too, have been brought along.  This did not happen overnight.  Each one has had crosses to bear, in order to prepare you for the ultimate cross.  My coming to you will be the ultimate cross.  But know, that God in His way, has prepared each one of you.  Be not afraid.  God's will be done.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I know You will tend to all things.


Message of Dec. 13, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, are You there?
Our Lady:  Child, of course I am here.

Ruth Ann:  Help me to be more like You.  Right now I am not doing so well.  God wishes me to have the same love and trust as You had, and I'm not doing a very good job at the moment. 

I am struggling with all that is happening concerning the removal of my priest, friend, and spiritual director, for me and the farm.

Our Lady:  Child, you have said 'yes' to God.  He has not promised you 'easy', or 'pain-free'.  I too, have suffered much, before you, through My 'fiat'.  Those who give up their will to do the will of God, do not do it for themselves, but for others.  Think of all the many people who have come to you for prayer, and you have asked for these prayers to be answered.  You have offered to suffer for those people in order that they be freed from their burdens.  It is called 'making sacrifices'.  Dying, so that others might live.  Granted, the dying is not the death of your physical body, it is only symbolic.  The dying of self, and all that ties one to the earth, is even more painful.  You must remain here, while your soul and heart yearn to be with Me and My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Mother, please be with me, and help me through this.

Our Lady:  I am here, little child.  You must trust in God, and know that all things will work for His greater honor and glory.  Be not afraid.  I am with you, as is the love and support of your Rock, My Son.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for sharing this time with me, Mother.  I love You, and wish You to help me be what God wants me to be.

Our Lady:  I will do so.  Trust, child, trust.