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September 2011
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of December 6, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am here, ready to listen.

Jesus:  Thank you, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I wish to thank You for the retreat this past weekend.  I feel it helped Jim and I understand a little better what our role is.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, you have been told many things you did not understand.  Now, some of what has been told to you is becoming clearer.  The words echoing in your heart, concerning My children not being ready for My Second Coming, are true, little one.  My Mother has said to you, She has come to Her children, God's children, as a prophet to announce Her Son's Second Coming, just as John the Baptist announced His First Coming.  Those of you who are being spoken to are to help My Mother prepare My children.  I wish to return to a people ready to accept Me in all that I am.  My children are not ready. 

My Mother has been calling for prayer and sacrifice.  She has said many times, "Return to the faith you had as a small child, when you trusted in Me and My Son completely."  Where is the faith of My children?  Where is their love and peace?  Little one, My Mother has come to help guide all of you back to the right path, which is light, love, and peace.  She has come to call all of God's children away from the ways of darkness, the world, and back to God.  Her task is not an easy one.  Many to whom She is speaking choose not to listen.  Many of those who listen, only listen for a short period of time, and then are pulled back into the darkness by the one who is the father of all lies.  He wishes to lull My children into a false peace, and a feeling that they do not have to follow God's laws.

Man will answer for all those things he knows in his heart are wrong.  This is a time of repentance and preparation, little one.  Man must see this before it is too late.  Through little ones such as you who are listening, My Mother and I will continue to draw all those back who are ready to hear what is being said.  You, child, are instrumental in helping My children prepare for My return.  Your farm is a place of peace and special graces.  You too, child, are a source of graces and peace for My children.

Child, continue to pray for all those who ask for prayer.  Be My eyes, ears, hands and feet upon the earth, until I will need no one to do so for Me.  Be My conduit, so My words will spread like wildfire, blown by a strong wind.  Your obedience and determination are a blessing, little one.  You continue to stand steadfast against very strong odds.  You know that you are in the minority, child, but you are willing to do My bidding.  Thank you, little one.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I love You, and don't want to disappoint You, but I also want to go to Heaven.

Jesus:  Many want to go to Heaven, but are not willing to do all that is being asked of you.  And child, you know there is more to come.  Persecutions and sufferings are there for those who take up My cross and follow Me, little one, and yet you continue on, knowing these things in your heart. 

Ruth Ann:  Lord, are You trying to discourage me?  I have told You I love You, and would die for You, what more can I say?

Jesus:  Child, I am not trying to discourage you.  I am only trying to prepare you for what is to come.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am only one person and have only one life.  It is Yours.

Jesus:  It is through those words that My children who are weak will gain the strength and courage to carry their crosses.  I know much of what I am saying to you, you do not truly understand at this time.  You do not realize the importance of what you are doing, but in time you will come to realize just how important your role is in preparing My children to receive Me.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I'm not a priest.  They are the ones who should be doing this.  They have the gifts that are needed.  I really am only like a 'bandaid'.  Your children need Confession and the Eucharist.  They need forgiveness for their sins.  Your priests have been given these gifts.

Jesus:  It is through children such as you who are listening, that many will be drawn back to their Church.  Many will begin to realize the importance of their faith.  Many will realize just how far they have strayed from their beloved God.  Listen to Me, and listen to My Mother, little one.  Share what you are being told, so My children will come back to their God and Savior before it is too late.  The time is now, to repent and prepare for My Second Coming.  I wish to return to a people ready and waiting, with lamps full of oil.  Be not afraid.  Love Me.  I give you My peace.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.


Message of January 14, 1994, from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, back to the part about, 'it would not run smoothly'.  I don't remember hearing these words.  I remember being told, 'it will all be done for you', but I don't remember the other part.

Our Lady:  Child, when you take up the cross and follow My Son, do you expect all to be easy?  You were told you were not to concern yourself with the mechanics, and yet, you are finding yourself involved.  Give it all to God.  He is the solver of problems.  Your main thrust for My people is to come from witnessing, prayer, and sharing the goodness of My Son.  You are living in a time that is most difficult.  Some have been so busy with their life, they have shut out the world around them and are not aware that it is full of darkness.  Some are just now becoming aware of the need to turn back to God.  It is through those of you willing to pray and witness that many more will be brought back to the flock.  Little child, you have been in so much turmoil the past couple of days.  You must learn to realize these feelings are attacks from the evil one.  Do not be too proud to ask for prayer.

Ruth Ann:  But everyone expects me to have all the answers, Mother, they seek answers for those who are in need of healings, both physical and spiritual.  They seek answers about the many messages circulating about the end times and the chastisement.

Our Lady:  What is your answer for them, child?

Ruth Ann:  For those who are concerned about the end times and chastisement, I have told them to focus on Your Son and follow the things You have told us.  We are to clean up our lives, and live each day as if it were our last.

Our Lady:  That is exactly what I would have you tell them.  What have you told those seeking physical healings and spiritual healings?

Ruth Ann:  I have told them that You and Your Son have told me to pray with those who ask for prayer, and they will be given the healing that God wishes them to have.  No one will be slighted who asks in faith for prayer.

Our Lady:  You have been told that as you lay hands on those who come for prayer, it is the same as having been touched by God.  He has asked you to be His hands and feet here on the earth.  He has asked you to listen and share.  These are all important things for you to remember.  You cringe to have to repeat this, because you feel this is something that is nearly blasphemous.  You feel unworthy to do this work that God has asked of you, but He has said to you, "If not you, then who?"  You are not a prideful person.  You are most humble.  Humility is very important in doing the work of My Son.  My Son Jesus was most humble, and so was I.  It was not always easy following the will of God, but again, we have not been promised easy.  We have been promised the rewards of eternal life for doing the will of the Father.  That is the most important promise to His children.  It has been earned through the suffering and death of His Son, My most humble and perfect of children, Jesus. 

My children know that the purification of the earth is eminent, for this is to be, before My Son can come to the earth.  Pray, fast, and do penance, but do not be consumed with the doom and gloom.  A mother expecting her child knows that the pains of childbirth are most difficult and traumatic, but she does not focus on the labor.  She focuses on the result of this painful ordeal.  Otherwise, she would not be able to enjoy each day of the pregnancy.  She would not anticipate the beautiful gift of life and birth.  So too, it is with My children, concerning the purification of your land.  Do not focus on the pains and suffering of the cleansing of your earth.  Concentrate on the rebirth of your earth.  Focus on the result of this cleansing, the return of My Son to a land purified by the blood of martyrs for the greater honor and glory of God.  Focus on a purified earth, and the gift of My Son's Second Coming and peace that will reign for a thousand years.  These are the things that My children must focus on. 

The evil one would have you so afraid for what is to come, that you will despair and not be able to pray and do all that is asked of you.  Children, pray for peace that can come only from God.  Once you have peace in your heart, nothing else matters, bodies and things of the world are only temporary.  It is the soul that matters.  Keep that in mind, My children.  Focus on that.  That is most important, the gift of eternal salvation, the saving of your soul, to spend an eternity in praise and thanksgiving to your Creator.  Be not afraid, little children.  Focus on My Son who is light, love and peace.  Do all that is asked of you.  God will do the rest. 

Now, child, go in the peace of My Son.  Continue to witness to My children of His goodness and love.  Bring them back to the fold, so that their lives will be changed and they will be prepared for the Second Coming of My Son.


Message of July 3, 1994,
 from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, thank You for helping with yesterday.  Again, it was busy, but You have sustained us.

Jesus:  Little one, trust.  Have I not told you graces would be provided so you could do all that is asked of you?  God is with you.  You do not understand the full extent of what is happening here, and in your life, but that is as it should be.  You are not to be overwhelmed.  Your ministry is one of peace and love.  If you were overwhelmed, you would not have the peace that is so desirable for all of My children.  God is blessing all of you, so do not be afraid when something is asked of you, to extend you in any way.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, what does that mean?

Jesus:  I'm only saying to you that I am the Potter.  I will mold and shape you into what I want.  You need only be accepting and obedient to My will.  You think in small terms, little one.  You do not know the big picture.  You do not know the plan of God for you and this haven of peace and prayer.  As more and more people become aware of the graces to be had here, you will become more and more occupied with My children.  You will be asked to go places to share your experiences, that you had not dreamed of going. 

You must remember what My Mother has told you, 'I will bring those people here whom I desire to be here.  I will give a special invitation.  It will be as though I have tapped them on the shoulder and said, "It is time." '  These things She has told you are coming to pass.  Many are not aware of this special place of prayer and graces, because it is not time for them to know.  'It will all be done for you.  You will not have to do anything'.  This was told to you by My Mother.  The same is true of the talks you give.  You do not have to advertise those talks.  My Mother has said she will place it upon the hearts of those who would have you speak, so when you are asked, you can be sure it is something She desires you to do.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, there are many wanting to do different things on this land.

Jesus:  Child, these are not to be your concerns.  All things are to go through Mary's Children for approval or disapproval.  You are not to be concerned.  That is why all things have been removed from your hands.  You are not to be concerned about the mechanics of what is being done here.  Your concern is one of obedience to the will of God.  Do all that is asked of you by God, and you will have plenty to keep you occupied.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.  Thank You for speaking to me through the Gospel yesterday.  The part about a prophet not being accepted in his own area, and not by those who know him, it especially touched my heart.  This was especially true because I had just been told a few days ago that there were people in the area who knew us, who felt what we were doing at the farm was wrong.

Jesus:  Those who do not understand prayer, or who have never been here, have judged you.  I too, was judged to be doing something wrong, when I came to the earth to bring God's word among My people.  Those who have been chosen as apostles and prophets of these times will be treated by many as I was treated, but graces abound to those who love Me, and continue to stand firm in all that is being required of them. 

There will be those who will disagree with what you are doing and saying.  There will be those who will feel you are not sane.  But be not afraid.  Pray for them.  Pray for their conversions, for they do not understand the graces being provided for them in these end times.  They continue to hide their head in the sand, to be protected from anything that would cause them to change their life.  They wish their life to run smoothly.  They wish to be in total control.  They do not want to hear the voice of those who would tell them they need to change the way of their life and repent of their sins.  They need to leave their material world of comfort behind, and begin to put Me ahead of all their material concerns and pleasures.

Little one, what you are being called to do is not going to be accepted by all, but remember, I was not accepted by all, either.  Hold your head up, pick up My cross, and follow in My footsteps.  Think of the rewards in the hereafter, and not the ridicule and criticism you will have to accept in this world.  Who is your Judge?  Who is your Creator?  Who will provide for you a happiness for all eternity?  These are important questions to be answered.  You know the answers, and have already given your 'fiat'.  You have said 'yes' to the will of God, knowing full well the cross God would provide for you would be a heavy one.  Know too, the heavier the cross, the greater the graces, and the greater the rewards.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, all I need is the strength to continue on, no matter what the consequences.

Jesus:  It will and is, being provided.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I will try to remember all You are saying.

Jesus:  You will be reminded in days to come.  All you need to know at the present time is this, God loves you and appreciates all you are doing on His behalf.  What more could one of His children ask for than this consolation?



Message of Sept. 19, 1994,  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, do You wish to speak with Me?

Our Lady:  Child, My Son has said it all.  My Heart is saddened for My children, for I have tried so hard to get the attention of all who are on the earth.  Many ignore, and there are those who listen and do not take to heart what is being said.  They continue to seek signs and wonders, and do not choose to pray.  Many are not receiving the Sacraments.  Many are not treating My Son with respect.  Many are receiving Him without first cleansing their soul in the Sacrament of Confession.  What must I do to get the attention of My children?  My appearances, words, and signs brought with Me from a God Who loves His children, have not been working.  Now My children must suffer.

Ruth Ann:  But what of those who are listening?

Our Lady:  They must stay focused on My Son, Jesus, and not lose faith.  That was, and is, the purpose of My visits to mankind, to bring all back to God, and prepare My children for the Second Coming of My Son, just as John ushered in His First Coming, I am here to usher in His Second Coming.  That is why it is so important for My children to turn back to God.  There is not much time left for them to get their lives in order. 

Child, be at peace with all that is being said to you.  God loves you and is pleased with all you have done.  Your 'yes' has been a blessing to you and those around you.  Your world and life have been turned upside down, but you have a divine purpose for existing.  You are to help My children in the days ahead, to stay focused on My Son.  Be obedient to the will of God, and know the graces needed to minister to God's people in the days ahead, will be there for you.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You for speaking with me, Mother.


Message of Sept. 22, 1994  from Our Lady

Ruth Ann:  Mother, the words You shared with me after the message yesterday were of a personal nature.  Do You wish to share anything with me today that I can share with others?

Our Lady:  Child, you had many concerns yesterday, and I wished to put your mind at ease.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady:  You have also been concerned about the message that was given to you for the children who come to the farm on the third Sunday.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Mother.  I was very concerned about sharing that.

Our Lady:  Child, this message is true.  The fact that I will not be among My children much longer is just that.  The messages will cease; that too, will happen.  My children have developed a false sense of security concerning the apparitions, visions, and locutions.  God has sent Me among you to draw you back to Him.  He is allowing Me to tell you He loves you, but this is for a purpose.  You are living in the end times.  He is to come to you, His children, and how many of you will be ready?  How many hearts will still be hardened and unable to accept that life of the flesh does not go on forever?   You must prepare your souls, so that when My Son does come, He will find you prepared and waiting with open hearts full of love.

Be not afraid, children.  Many of you allow yourselves to be confused and used by the evil one.  Stay focused on My Son, and live each day to the fullest extent of your being.  Yes, there is much pain and suffering, and it will continue. Man is responsible for all that has come to the earth.  He has chosen to turn his back on His Creator, and has instead chosen to worship those things that do not last.  The false sense of peace that man has, that comes from accumulating wealth and things of the world, will not last.  Many are discovering this, through the loss of these things they thought were so important.

'What profit a man if he gain the whole world and loses his soul'?  These are words My children must reflect upon.  These are words spoken to you long ago by My Son.  They were true then, and they are true today.  Children, you must turn away from the ways of the world and back to My Son.  Offer up all your trials and sufferings for the conversion of sinners.  Pray for those whose hearts have not yet been broken open to receive the love and forgiveness that My Son has to offer.  I am here among My children to guide you back to the One Who has created you.  I am here to keep your minds, hearts, and souls focused on the love of My Son. 

Be at peace, little children.  Do not live from message to message, seeking a time for all this to end.  Look and strive for the peace that comes from giving everything to God.  Let Him know you love Him, and realize that He is in control of all things.  God has a divine plan.  Pray, dear children, that all things He wishes for you, and I wish for you, can be realized.  Much prayer and sacrifice is needed by My little ones.

Yes, you are living in the end times, but you know not the day or the hour.  Take to heart the messages being given to you at this time.  They will not last forever.  A time will come when all of this help and guidance will be removed from you.  You must be able to have the faith and strength to continue on your own.  Be at peace in the love of My Jesus, and My Motherly love.  God's word implanted deep within your heart will see you through all things.


Message of Sept. 26, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus:  Share the words I have spoken to you, and the words My Mother has spoken with you.  Share the way God works in your life, and continues to work in your life.  This place is a special place of prayer.  My Mother wishes others to be drawn here for the graces available on this land.  It is through your sharing and witnessing that this can come about.  Be at peace with all you do.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, many wish to go to places where Your Mother is appearing.

Jesus:  Those who listen, and live My words in the messages being given to you, will find the love and peace here that is needed in the days ahead.  Little one, I have told you many times before, My Mother is drawing the children here She wishes.  Those who are serious about prayer will continue to be drawn here.  They will be those children God wishes to gather in prayer.  Those of My children who love Me and My Mother, and wish to help Her gather together the remnant few that will be instrumental in the salvation of souls, will continue to be called to this place.  There is strength in numbers, and power in prayer.  Put the strength and power, together with faith and trust in God, and you have a powerful group of people, serious about ushering in My Second Coming.

Of course, there will always be those who say you and this place are not of God, but if what you are doing is producing good fruit, that is proof enough.  Those who wish to love and serve Me are needed to gather together in prayer, to be of assistance in saving the souls of those who do not believe in the power of prayer.  There are still many souls lost to Me, and consumed in the ways of the world.  Those, little one, are the ones who are most in need of prayer.

Conversions are needed for My children.  Most do not even know they are lost to Me.  They continue through each day, caught up in the ways of the world, thinking that all is well in their life.  All is not well in their life, and the world in general.  The peace is gone.  Living your life for the purpose of pleasing Me is gone.  What sorrow I feel in My Heart.  What pain My Mother feels for Her lost children.  Be patient and be obedient, child.  You have more to do for Me, but it will be in God's time.  Love Me, and continue to do all that is asked of you.  Be patient, and I will tend to the 'how' and the 'when'.  I love you.  Be at peace.  Go about your day in love and service to My children.

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.


Message of Dec. 12, 1994,  from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I am in desperate need.

Jesus:  Little one, you are under attack.

Ruth Ann:  I realize that, Lord, but that doesn't make how I am feeling any easier.

Jesus:  Little one, repeat My name over and over, and your peace will be restored.

Ruth Ann:  Thank You, Lord.  I am feeling better.

Jesus:  Such a simple act of faith, but there is power in My name.  The demons flee, and your peace is returned.  This time of year is most difficult.  There are too many activities, too close together.  This should be a time of reflection and preparation for My coming.  But instead, it has become a time of stress for so many of My children.  Peace, little one, peace is the word you should hold to your heart.  Just as the angel announced My birth with the word 'peace.'  So I say to you this day, that peace is needed in the hearts to herald in My Second Coming.

Ruth Ann:  How did we get off on that, Lord?  I'm concerned about just getting through each day, and each week.  I don't want to think about Your Second Coming.  Why have You brought that up?

Jesus:  Because, child, the pain, the attacks, the lack of peace you continue to feel, are all connected to My Second Coming.  You do not think I would be putting you, and others of My children, through so much, if I were not wanting to use you in a special way?  It is to save souls, child.  Your witnessing, your prayers, your persecution, is all part of helping Me save souls.  So few of My children are willing to give up their lives for Me, that when I do find someone willing to do so, I must place them in the fire of purification. 

No one knows the pain you suffer in your heart for others.  No one knows how much you have given of yourself to your Jesus.  These are all part of your gift to Me for the salvation of souls.  You care not about yourself.

Ruth Ann:  You are being generous, Lord.  I get so frustrated, I just want to get on with it, Lord. 

Jesus:  Soon, child, soon.  You do not wish to push ahead until God is ready.  You may feel ready, but it is not yet ready for His plan to unfold.  Continue to pray, and be patient, and know I am with you.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, I wish to thank You for all of Mary's Children, and all the prayerful people You have sent into our lives.  I have had so much removed from me, that it is touching to have the support of those who truly love You and Your Mother.

Jesus:  'Child, it will all be done for you'.  These were not just words.  My Mother meant every word.  She will continue to send those needed, to get all things done that must be done, in order for God's plan to unfold.  The prayers, the support, all that is needed will be provided.  You need only listen, and be obedient.

Ruth Ann:  This becomes more and more difficult, as more is expected of me.  Your Mother has told me She is going to stop giving messages to share.  You do know that, Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, little one, this is true.  There is a reason for this.  She has said all that needs to be said.  That is not the only reason.  Her purpose for working in your life, was to draw the attention of many, to Me.  You have been brought along gradually, as have those who have followed My Mother's messages to Her children.  Now, it is time for Her to step aside and let Me be the focus.  She has pointed the way to the light in this world of darkness.  She has taken the hands of many, and walked them back to the light and the right path.  Now it is time for Me to finish the task She has begun.

Ruth Ann:  Lord, this makes no sense to me.

Jesus:  Little one, it need not.  You are not asked to understand.  Be patient, and watch God's plan unfold.  You are experiencing much unrest.  You are under constant attack.  Know it is because the time is nearing for My coming to you.  The evil one would like nothing more than to destroy you, and God's plan for you, at this time.  You must continue to be patient, and know that many prayers are being said on your behalf.  All things will unfold as God intends.  You have said 'yes', and God knows your 'yes' means 'yes'.  God is with you, as is the love of those in Heaven awaiting the special gift that is to be given to you.

The gift of My appearance to you, and the special gift I will bring with Me, this gift, is the gift of My divine love, and is being given to you to draw others closer to Me, Who is deserving of mankind's love and respect.  You are a willing vessel, and have been emptied of all earthly desires, in order that you be filled with all God has to give in spiritual gifts.  You feel that total void at this time, do you not?

Ruth Ann:  Yes Lord, I have given You everything.  I have very little left to give.

Jesus:  Total submission is all God needs, child.  Now He can do with you what needs to be done.  Be patient and listen.  Time is nearing.  God loves you beyond measure.  Go in My peace.