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"To Jesus Through Mary"
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September 2014
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Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of Nov. 16, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann:  Lord.

Jesus:  Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann:  I just spoke with You yesterday.  I can't imagine You wanting to bother with me today.

Jesus:  Child, would you not enjoy speaking with your children daily if you and they had the time to do so?

Ruth Ann:  I see what You mean, Lord.  I guess because I really didn't feel the need to speak with You, I didn't really feel it was necessary.  I never really thought about it from Your standpoint.  Sorry, Lord.

Jesus:  You may not feel the need for speaking and writing what I say some days, but do you not feel at peace when you do this, that you do not have otherwise?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord, You know that is true.  You don't ever have to ask.

Jesus:  Then isn't that reason enough to speak with Me?

Ruth Ann:  You have made Your point Lord, I will try harder.

Jesus:  That is all I ask, little one, that My children make an effort to please Me.  How it pleases Me and My Mother to see My children making an effort to listen, and do as they are being told.  Sometimes it is not easy for them to do so, and many times there is a great sacrifice to be made.  But remember, there is much work to be done, and those who are willing to make the sacrifice to help Me in this work, are few. 

My Mother calls and calls to Her children.  Some are listening, and others ignore.  Why do some listen, and take to heart what She is saying, and others turn a deaf ear to what is being said?   It is because man is used to getting, and having, what he wants with little sacrifice.  My children in this country have been given so much, that what they have is taken for granted.  The time will come little one, when nothing will be taken for granted.  Many hardships face My children.  Some are being experienced and felt at the present time, and others are to come.  The people in your country are not used to the hardships that have been experienced by other nations, but they will experience, and learn what it is to make sacrifices.

Ruth Ann:  Why are You telling me this?

Jesus:  Child, it is because it is time for you to understand the grave situation your country is in.  You have been told in so many ways that there is darkness all around, that the evil one is at the height of his strength, and those who read your messages continue to think all is well.  All is not well.  My children need to take to heart all that is being said. 

My Mother says, over and over, "Pray from the heart.  Make sacrifices and do penance."  These are not messages that would be given if all was well with your country, and the whole world.  My Mother has warned the children in Medjugorje for many years before the terrible wars came.  They were told to pray and make sacrifices.  Now She is here in your country, telling the same things.  How can some people who are truly listening, believe that these messages are not messages of urgency.  That She is appearing and talking to many, should be enough to make one realize the seriousness of the situation.  One does not come from Heaven to warn, if there is not impending danger.  Look, and listen, children!  Be attentive to the words of the Lord.  Pray and be obedient.  Much can be changed and avoided through prayer.

Ruth Ann:  You do realize that this message is going to frighten some people?

Jesus:  Little one, how can they not have heard this before in your messages?  It has been said in so many ways before.  Those who have really listened to the messages have heard this all along.  It is now that I am being totally open with what I wish for you to say.  Time is running out.  Have you not had that repeated to you over and over?

Ruth Ann:  Yes, Lord.

Jesus:  And what about the daily messages that were given to you by My Mother many, many months ago?  Did She not warn this country that it was time they returned to the faith they had as a small child?  That they were only a step away from the wars and deprivation of other nations?  How can My children be so blind and deaf to believe that all is well.  She has told you over and over, "Listen, and live My messages."  And as in times before, what she is saying - no, pleading - is being ignored by most of My children.  Those of you who are listening, must make up for the lack of attention by others.  Some of you are being called to make great sacrifices. 

You, My child, are one of those who were chosen to do so.  It is so many who would otherwise be cast into the eternal abyss of hell, will be given a chance at the eternal rewards of Heaven.  This is much to ask of you, for the salvation of your fellowman, but you have said 'yes' and the laborers are few.  God is pleased with you and the efforts on behalf of His children.  Much more will be expected as time goes on.  There is great need for prayer, and it is up to those of you who are taking the words of My Mother seriously, to carry the heavy burden placed upon you.  There will be Simon's along the way, but the burden is yours.  The cross is heavy, and it will continue to be heavier, and heavier, but I am here with you to help you carry this cross, that will take you to Calvary.  Be at peace little one, with all that is being said.  Share this message with your priest, and do whatever he tells you.

Ruth Ann:  I will do so, Lord.

Jesus:  Now go in My peace to love and serve the God and Creator of all things great and small.

Ruth Ann:  I love You, Lord.

Jesus:  And I love you, child.


The following are the 54 messages that the Blessed Virgin Mary gave to Ruth Ann beginning July 3, 1990 - St. Thomas' Feast Day.  She has said that these our to be a blue print for our lives.  We should all pray to the Holy Spirit before reading the messages so that we may all be enlightened to their meaning and their importance.

54 Daily Messages
 from Our Lady to the world

Ruth Ann:  I was awakened around 2:00 a.m., July 3, 1990.  Our Lady said She has a message to give to me.  She told Me to give the message to my priest.  He would know what to do with it.  She said it was for the whole world.  She said it was no concern of mine that other people were already getting mess-ages for the world.  These were being given to me and they would be far-reaching.  She said She had chosen this day, July 3, to begin giving daily messages to me to make the "doubters of the world" more aware of My Son's messages, and that they are gravely important.  July 3, St. Thomas' Feast Day:

July 3, 1990

My Dear Children,

There is so much I wish to tell the entire world, but so little I can say.  Listen to Me.  Pray...Fast...Do penance...Make sacrifices.  Return to the faith you had as a small child when you trusted in My Son and Me completely.  You must listen to Me!  Time is running out!


July 4, 1990

My Dear Children,

Spend a few minutes every day in quiet prayer thinking about My Son and all He Has done for you.  Contemplate the Sorrowful Mysteries, and you will realize what all He has done for you.  If you would do this, what a beautiful gift this would be for My Son, who has given all for you.


July 5, 1990

My Dear Children,

Please take time out of your busy schedules to talk to My Son.  He wants to show you how much He loves you by answering all your prayers.  Now is the time for many graces.  Listen to Me.  Do not wait until it is to late.


July 6, 1990

My Dear Children,

Pray for others.  Pray for all those who do not know My Son.  Come to the foot of the cross.  Be loving and forgiving, just as My Son has been loving and forgiving to you.  Love one another.  Listen to Me.  I want to help you.


July 7, 1990

My Dear Children,

Pray!  You will find the love My Son has in His heart for you.  He wants to give this to you.  All you have to do is ask.  He wants to help you with your everyday trails.  Talk to Him and you will find peace...a peace that only He can give to you.  He wants to do all these things for you, and much more.


July 8, 1990

Dear Children,

Many times I have asked you to pray, fast, do penance and make sacrifices, but you do not wish to do these things.  These are not big things to ask of you.  These are little things.  My Son has done so much for you, and He wants to do more.  Listen to My messages.


July 9, 1990

Dear Children,

The time is now that you should begin praying to My Son.  He has so much love for you.  He is letting Me come to you to tell you these things.  Listen and pray.


July 10, 1990

Dear Children,

This is the time for many graces.  Pray and ask for these graces.  My Son wants to give these to you.  Pray for others.  Ask for healing.  Ask for help with your daily problems.  That is why I am here to help.  No problem is too great or small.  Pray!


July 11, 1990

Dear Children,

Pray to My Son.  He is waiting to hear from you.  Set aside some quiet time every day from your busy schedules and speak to Him.  This is not too much to ask.  Pray.


July 12, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son is wanting to hear from you.  He has so much love to give to you.  Pray from your heart.  He knows of your every need.  All you have to do is ask, and He will supply these needs.


July 13, 1990

Dear Children,

Trust in My Son.  He is so pleased when even one heart opens up to Him in prayer.  He is a God of mercy and forgiveness.  Allow Him to grant you forgiveness, so you in turn may learn to forgive one another.


July 14, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son came to earth and died for you, so that your sins would be forgiven.  He did this out of love for you.  Let Him know how much you love Him.  Change your hearts.  Receive My Son.


July 15, 1990

Dear Children,

Pray.  Pray and fast.  Continue to pray for all those who do not know My Son.  There are so many, and My Son does not want to lose even one soul.  Pray for conversion.  Pray that hearts will be changed before it is too late.


July 16, 1990

Dear Children,

Show how much you love My Son by living the messages that I have given to you.  Many wish new messages.  Please listen to the messages that have been given to you.  My Son wants to shower you with many graces.  Let Me give these graces to you.  Please listen to Me.




July 17, 1990

Dear Children,

Continue to pray, fast and do penance in reparation for those who do nothing.  Many are spiritually dead.  It will take much work from the ones who are willing, to bring those spiritually dead alive in My Son.  Do not disappoint Me.  Please help Me.


July 18, 1990

Dear Children,

Continue to pray.  Continue to fast.  Continue to do penance.  Continue to make sacrifices.  You must do things for those who are unable to do this for themselves.  You must take this upon yourself, so that souls will be saved, and in doing so, you will save yourself.


July 19, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son came to this earth to save souls.  There are still many souls to be saved.  Pray for conversion.  Open up your hearts to Him.  Please help Me.


July 20, 1990

Dear Children,

Continue on the road on which you have begun.  Set aside some time every day to talk to My Son in quiet prayer.  Only good things can come from this.


July 21, 1990

Dear Children,

When you are with My Son in quiet prayer, open up your heart to Him.  Tell Him your deepest thoughts, wants, needs, and desires.  He is a God of love.  Let Him give this love to each one of you.


July 22, 1990

Dear Children,

Continue to pray for those who do not know My Son.  They are very important to Me and My Son.  Remember, this is the time of graces, graces that may be had just for the asking.  Continue to be open and listen to My plea.


July 23, 1990

Dear Children,

Pray.  Pray to My Son.  He longs in His heart to hear from each one of you.  He has blessings to give you.  Ask for these blessings.


July 24, 1990

Dear Children,

Love My Son.  Pray to Him.  He has given so much to you and wants to give you more.  Pray for conversion.  Open your hearts so you will be able to do His will.


July 25, 1990

Dear Children,

Remember that My Son is with you every single minute of every day.  Acknowledge Him.  Let Him know when you are happy.  Let Him know when you are sad.  Thank Him for all He has done for you.


July 26, 1990

Dear Children,

Thank Our Lord daily for all He has done for you.  He has done so much and wants to do more.  All you have to do is ask.


July 27, 1990

Dear Children,

It is time for you to begin putting My Son first in your life.  Once you have done this, all other things will fall into place.  You will reap many benefits for doing so, some you cannot even imagine.


July 28, 1990

Dear Children,

If you wish to know peace, you must take time every day to contemplate all My Son has done for you while He lived on this earth.  A few minutes are not too much to ask for someone who has given all for you.


July 29, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son should be the most important thing in your life.  Other things are not important.  Things are of the earth.  They will tarnish and decay.  Jesus will live on for all eternity.  Come to My Son.  Save yourselves.  Listen to Me.  I want to help you!


July 30, 1990

Dear Children,

Time seems to be an important factor in today's busy schedules.  I promise you, if you put aside a few minutes every day for My Son, you will have time to do all the other things you wish to do.  Please put My Son first.


July 31, 1990

Dear Children,

You must love My Son with your whole body, your whole mind, and your soul.  He is so very special.  He alone is responsible for giving you life.  Allow Him to sustain this life throughout all eternity.  Please pray, My children.


August 1, 1990

Dear Children,

The love you show My Son will come back to you a hundred-fold, so just think of the time spent in quiet prayer to My Son as an investment.  This should make it easier for you to find time to spend on prayer.


August 2, 1990

Dear Children,

Peace and love can come to all.  All you have to do is listen to Me.  God in Heaven blesses you.  He wants to send you graces.  Pray for these graces and the graces for conversion.


August 3, 1990

Dear Children,

God is a God of Love.  He is a God of Mercy.  Let Him give both to you.  Pray for conversion.  Listen to My messages. 


August 4, 1990

Dear Children,

Peace, love and joy...I wish you to have all of these.  My mother's heart burns with such love for you.  I want so much to help you.  Pray for conversion.  Open your hearts to My Son.


August 5, 1990

Dear Children,

Continue to pray.  Pray for conversion.  Pray that your hearts will be open to My Son's word.  Live My messages.  Let My Son's love permeate you being...body, mind and soul.


August 6, 1990

Dear Children,

Love one another as My Son has loved you.  As you do this, you will learn forgiveness.  God's mercy is great.  He wants to make life easier for you.  Give your burdens to Him and He will give you peace.


August 7, 1990

Dear Children,

Love My Son.  He has so much love, He wants to give it ALL to you.  This is a time of graces.  Pray for conversions.  Pray for all to love My Son.


August 8, 1990

Dear Children,

When you kneel to pray, remember all My Son has done for you.  He suffered and died on the cross for you.  Your sins have been forgiven.  Forgive others.


August 9, 1990

Dear Children,

Our Lord does not wish to lose a single soul.  He wishes all souls to be saved.  Come to the foot of the cross.  Pray for conversion.


August 10, 1990

Dear Children,

You must put My Son first.  Once you have done this, He will see to all your other needs.  Ask Him to help you get through each day.  Pray for graces.  He wants to give them to you,  My children.


August 11, 1990

Dear Children,

You must trust in My Son...Know He means everything He has said.  You must have faith...His death, resurrection and second coming are real.  You must believe...He will renew the face of the earth.  Listen to, and live My messages.


August 12, 1990

Dear Children,

Please pray.  Take a few minutes to talk to My Son in quiet prayer.  Talk to Him as though He is right there with you.  You must ask for specific things.  Ask for graces.  He will shower these upon you.  Ask for mercy on poor souls.  He will listen to you.  This is a time of graces for all, but you must ask for these graces.


August 13, 1990

Dear Children,

Praises be to Jesus!  Remember, My children, that part of praying is giving thanks and praise.  Just as you like to be given a pat on the back when you have done something nice for someone, so does your Heavenly Father wish to be stroked.  He has done so much for you and He wishes to do more.  You must always give thanks and praise to Him for all the great things He has done for all.


August 14, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son is a God of peace.  He wishes peace for the entire world.  Pray for this peace.  Through prayer, wars can be avoided or even stopped.  I have come to you for many years, and have asked for prayers and sacrifices.  You must listen to Me.  Please listen to My messages, My dear children.


August 15, 1990

Dear Children,

Remember when you pray to My Son, He is the center of the world...of the universe.  Through His suffering, He has shed precious blood for you.  This blood, His blood, has cleansed you of your sins.  He paid a great price for your soul.  It cost Him dearly.  Let Him know He did not do this in vain.  Let Him know how much you love Him for this.  He is the core, the very center of your existence.  All you have and are comes form Him.  Without Him, you can do nothing.  My dear children, love Him as a good Father deserves to be loved by his children.


August 16, 1990

Dear Children,

Praises to My Son!  He alone deserves the honor and glory due His name.  He is our Ruler and King.  Remember, children, God has a plan.  It is like a huge puzzle.  Each of us is a small piece of this puzzle.  As we do His will, all the pieces begin to fit together so we may finally see the big picture.  We find why we were put on this earth.  Listen to My Son so you can fulfill your part of this puzzle, God's plan.


August 17, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son is "perfect love".  His life was spent teaching us what this love means.  He was always willing to do the most menial task for others, quick to forgive any abuse and was kind to everyone...even those who hated Him.  His love for all mankind led Him to the cross.  What a beautiful, peaceful world this would be if everyone followed His example.  My dear children, this is what He asks of us.  Listen to My messages.  In all situations ask yourself this question, "What would Jesus do?"  And you will have the answer to all your questions.


August 18, 1990

Dear Children,

Blessed be the name of Jesus!  His Holy Name is to be revered by all.  The God-man came to this earth and brought with Him the brilliance of light from above.  This light continues to shine, even though His human life was extinguished.  Showing a respect for His Holy Name shows that we believe in all that His Holy Name, death and resurrection.  The light...His light brought to earth from above is in each one of us.  Let your light shine.  Bring others out of darkness.  There are power and healing in His Holy Name.


August 19, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son loves each one of you very much.  He is waiting to hear from you.  Listen to My messages.  Do you not understand them?  Pray for graces that you will understand.


August 20, 1990

Dear Children,

When are you going to realize the real reason you were put on this earth?...To know, love and serve God and be happy with Him in Heaven.  You cannot serve two gods.  You have let money (and materialism) become the center of your lives.  You have let "things" replace My Son.  Things do not bring happiness.  You should be hoarding graces by making sacrifices, not trying to accumulate more and more wealth.  Money will not buy happiness or your salvation.  Love of My Son and forgiveness will.  Put My Son back as the center of your life, then He will supply all your needs.


August 21, 1990

Dear Children,

God is love.  Only He has, and is, perfect love.  Out of this love, He created mankind and put you here on this earth.  He loves you so much He wishes to have you return to Him, to share all the beautiful gifts He has to give.  Only a loving father would care enough to do this.  He does not wish to lose even one of His precious souls.  He has sent your Heavenly Mother to guide you back to Him.  What love, compassion and patience He has shown!  Love, My dear children, love is the key.  With perfect love, there will be no more wars or strife.  You will find peace that can only come through God's love.  Do as He tells you.


August 22, 1990

Dear Children,

Know that My Son loves you very much.  He wishes you to bring your burdens to Him so He can share them with you and make them lighter.  You are not to worry.  This is not why you are here.  Turn your lives over to My Son and you will experience a happiness that you cannot imagine.  Cares, worries and fears of today and tomorrow will disappear.  Graces will be showered upon you to sustain you through all trials.  Give all to your Divine Creator, and He will give you the rest.  Do not doubt this, My children, God's mercy is great.


August 23, 1990

Dear Children,

God came to this earth to save mankind.  He does not wish to lose any of you.  He looks at even the very worst of you and sees your potential as a saved soul.  He does not look at each of us as we look at each other.  Are we not worthy of such love?  God made us.  We are worthy.  Turn yourselves over to God and let Him clean up your soul.  Souls that are spiritually dead and black with sin can become brilliant lights capable of outshining the brightest star.  God can do all things.  Pray, My dear children.  God wants to save mankind, not destroy it.  Show Him you are worthy of this act of mercy.


August 24, 1990

Dear Children,

My Son is a God of love.  He wants only good things for His children here on this earth.  Man is destroying himself through greed and selfish-ness.  Our Lord wishes to help you.  He cares so much for you.  He has allowed His Mother to come and minister to guide you away from self-destruction.  Listen to My messages, dear children.  So much pain and suffering can be avoided through prayer and sacrifice.

(She stopped and then added this.)
Oh, My dear child, what more can I say.  No one seems to be listening.

(She sadly added the following.)
You are not exempt from the war and deprivation of other nations.  You are only a step away from all these things yourself.  You have quickly chosen the wrong path.  The principles your nation was founded upon have been forgotten.  God has watched from above in expectation of things coming from a nation founded on love for Him.  This did not last long.  "Things" quickly have become more important than love.  Please, My children, come back to My Son.  He can save you.  Your immortal souls are at stake.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

There will be no more messages.


August 25, 1990

The morning of the 25th...just to be sure at 4:30 a.m. I woke up on my own and asked Our Lady if she had a message for the world as before.  This was her reply:

Oh My Dear Child,

You may tell them My Son and I love them very much, and that I have covered them with My protective mantle.  They must pray.


August 26, 1990

I have no message.