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"Remember, this is for all who come here. My Mother was instrumental in bringing you and all these children who come here for special graces and prayer, and she must be acknowledged."

Jesus to Ruth Ann
January 31, 1993

April 2016 Messages

Ruth Ann stopped receiving Messages to share from the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 25, 1995. On February 23, 1995, Jesus also stopped giving Messages to share. Since that time both Jesus and Mary have requested that we begin to reread the Messages already given and to reflect on them. But most of all, that we begin to live the Messages that have been given.

Message of April 14, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Remember God’s mercy is pouring out in abundance to all of His children. It is bursting forth like untamed flood waters covering all in its path. All you need do is ask for this mercy and it is yours. I am your Mother, sent here to help you. This too, is a special grace from God. See how much God loves you. This love is not just for today, this is for all time. God loves you, be grateful for this love. Take advantage of all these graces being given to you by your Father. Just as you wish to give special gifts to those you love, so too, does you Father wish to do the same. My little children, I am here to guide and protect you. I wish to do so. Let Me help you in your hours of need. Listen to My messages, I love you. Go in God’s peace.

Message of July 1, 1993, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one.

Ruth Ann: Do You wish to speak to me?

Jesus: Child, you know I wish to speak to you and all My children at all times. Do not feel pressured or obliged to do so. I wish this to be done of your own free will.
Ruth Ann: Is there anything in particular You would like to address today?

Jesus: Yes, little one, there is. Today I would like to speak with you about the love of God for His children. You know how much you love your own children? I would like to inform My children that all of the love they hold in their heart for their own offspring is nothing in comparison to the love of their Father in Heaven for them.

Ruth Ann: I feel like You've spoken of this before, Lord.

Jesus: Yes child, but it is worth repeating. There is so much sin in the world, and many of My children feel because they are such sinners, they can never go to Heaven. This is an untruth. God loves each child. It is the sin that He hates. He has given every opportunity to His children for them to repent of their sins, and continues to do so. My Mother has been sent among His children to draw as many back as will listen to Her call. This is God's will. She, My Mother, is only doing the will of My Father in Heaven. She can do nothing without the help of God Who created Her. The same is true of you, My little one. All things you are doing and will continue to do on behalf of God is with His permission. He allows you to pray, talk, even breathe. You can do nothing without the help of God. I have done My Father's will by dying on the cross for all of the sins of His children. This was a great sacrifice for Me, and an even greater one for My Mother. But why was it done? To show you just how much love God has for His children. He brought His only Son into the world, born of a Virgin Child, pure of body, mind, and soul, beautiful in every way. He brought Him into the world so He could work miracles, speak His word, and die for the sins of mankind. So no matter how great the sinner, God loves them and wants them to repent and come back to Him.

I, as well as My Mother, was anexample of true love and obedience to the will of the Father. Do not mistake why God keeps sending so many miracles to His children. There is a divine plan. He is trying to call as many of His children back to Him as possible before the time of chastisement. He wants as many saved as possible, and brought into His kingdom where they will reign with Him forever and ever. Time is running out, little one. My Mother keeps telling this to all of Her children to no avail. I keep telling My children this. It is as you have said little one, Our Lady and Her Son would not be speaking and appearing to so many if things were not winding down for the world as we know it. God is speaking to many, through many. He is allowing so many graces through miracles daily. Time is running out, and still people continue to hide their heads in the sand, choosing to ignore all that God is doing in their lives. Material things still seem to have the number one priority in children's lives. This is causing sins to be committed beyond belief; murders, abortion, abuse of My children is getting to be as common as telling lies and using God's name in vain. The prince of darkness has indeed taken over your world. The time of darkness has totally covered the land.

But, there is hope. There is hope for all those who are listening. My Mother calls to Her children and says, "Repent of your sins. Come to the Foot of My Son's cross. He has died for you and has risen from the dead. You too, can do the same. You can repent of your sins, die of self, and rise from the dead, be born again in the fullness and goodness of grace and mercy." All man must do is listen. God is a God of love. He wants good things for all His children. He is giving man every chance, little one. Prayer groups are springing up all over the world. Why? Because God in His mercy is giving them time to prepare for His Second Coming. They wish to take advantage of His goodness and mercy. Children who are aware of what God is about, wish to use this time to pray for others who have not heard the cry of My Mother, "The storm is here. Get under My protective mantle so you will not be harmed." It is as a mother hen does for her tiny chicks, as a storm approaches or harm of any kind comes near her little babies. So too, is My Mother gathering Her little ones under Her mantle, so they will be protected from the storm caused by the hate and destruction of the prince of darkness and all his cohorts.

Listen to My Mother. She would not be calling with such desperation if She were not genuinely concerned for Her little children who have been entrusted to Her care over the centuries. She knows the love of God, but She also knows that God is a God of justice. So while the love of God is still available in the graces pouring out to His children who are listening and praying, She continues to call to her children, "Come in out of the rain. Come in out of the darkness. Find the love and forgiveness that comes from God. Come to peace and light. Share in the eternal rewards prepared for you by the Creator of the universe, the giver of life, the Creator of all things. Know that God in His infinite wisdom, and mercy, and love wants each one of you saved and brought home to His heavenly kingdom." Such love God has for you, My children. My Mother is calling all of Her children back to God, just as John the Baptist did in the time of My arrival. Now My Mother is calling all of Her children back to God for the preparation of My Second Coming. Please listen to My Mother. She loves you as God loves you. She will continue to call until God Himself says, "That is enough, now I must act on behalf of justice."

Pray for conversions. Continue to witness of the goodness and love of God and His mercy. Let others know how God has worked in your life through My Mother or Me, your Jesus, or God Himself. All My children need to hear of the love of God and His greatness.

Ruth Ann: It is written Lord, so all who read this will know that this is Your wish.

Jesus: I thank you for your help, little one. Many will read, but not all will listen. Many will say, "This is not real," but that will be their loss, little one. You will have done the will of My Father, just as I and My Mother have done. There will be those who will respond to the call, and others will choose to turn deaf ears. It will be their loss child, but you will be at peace because you are doing all you are called to do, and more. God will do the rest. Now, little one, go in My peace. You have much to do today. Do it with love and patience. God loves you, little one.

Ruth Ann: Thank You Lord, for these words.

Message of August 19, 1992, from Our Lady to Prayer Group

My Dear Children,

I come to you with this special message of love. There is so much love in my heart for each one of you, and I wish you to know that this love was placed there by God. God is love. Man continues to search for “things” to make him happy. That is why happiness is not found. If man would only turn to God, My children, there would be peace and joy throughout the entire world. There would be no more wars, no more turmoil. Why does man not see? Why does he not listen? Dear children, please, I invite you to listen and live My messages. God’s love for you is beyond belief. Pray that all come to know of God’s love. Pray, dear children. I need your prayers.

Message of October 14, 1992, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God loves all of His children with a love that can only be felt by a merciful Father. As man continues to struggle on the wrong path, God continues to send mercy and graces to guide him back to the path of salvation. You, My children, are instrumental in supplying these graces and mercy needed for so many of His children. Continue to sing His praises. Continue to pray for His children in need. Have great love for you fellow man. They are unaware that they are in need of God’s love and mercy. But you, My children, have been blessed with the knowledge that only God can truly save man. My dear children, I give you My motherly blessing and pour graces upon you and you dear families. Go in God’s peace.

Message of Sept. 3. 1992, from Our Lord Jesus

Ruth Ann: Dear Jesus, do you wish to speak to me this morning?

Jesus: Do you wish to take the time? I know You have a busy day before you.

Ruth Ann: Yes, I do.

Jesus: Well then, I will teach you about love today, My child.

Ruth Ann: I have not been feeling especially loving, Jesus. It is interesting that You should be wanting to speak to me of this.

Jesus: You must always feel loving, My child. If you have My peace, you will always feel loving no matter what the circumstances.

Ruth Ann: I lost Your peace for a couple of days, Lord. I tried to get it back, but could not keep it. There was too much anger in my heart.

Jesus: There is no room for anger or any other feeling of ill will, if I am with you.

Ruth Ann: I have a long way to go, Lord. My situation at work does not led itself to peace.

Jesus: If you truly want to be holy, no situation should be so difficult to overcome My love and peace.

Ruth Ann: I know You are right, Lord. I feel I am a hopeless case. How will I ever become what you want me to be?

Jesus: Time and patience will bring this about. Do not become frustrated. Did I not work with Judas over and over to try to perfect him? Did I not forgive him over and over as I did other sinners?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Lord, but I really don’t like being compared to Judas.

Jesus: I am not comparing you to Judas, and child, I know what you are thinking, “And Judas was not made holy, You failed with him.”

Ruth Ann: Yes, that is just what I was thinking.

Jesus: Well, I did not fail with Judas. Judas failed God. He never realized that God would have forgiven his failure to love Me, if he would only have said, God forgive me. That is love, My child. Love is forgiving those who hurt you over and over. Love is praying for those who hate you and wish you ill.

Ruth Ann: I understand what You are saying, Lord. I will try again.

Jesus: That is all I ask. Continue to try. One cannot become holy without much work. Do you not think it was difficult for Me to love those who jeered and spit on Me? And you are thinking, but you are Jesus. My child, I was also man. No man likes to be hurt in any way. You must learn to tolerate that kind of treatment, My child. That is to be truly filled to overflowing with love.

Ruth Ann: I will try harder, Lord.

Jesus: Remember, love is kind and forgiving in all situations. It is easy to love those who love us. It is easy to be kind to those who love us. The test comes when those whom we come in contact do not show us love or kindness. How do we react then? Love, be forgiving and treat all with kindness.

Ruth Ann: That is a big order.

Jesus: My child, it is necessary to be a child of God and to enter the kingdom.

Ruth Ann: Now I am feeling there is not much chance of me entering the kingdom.

Jesus: My child, Your Jesus is your teacher. Where I am, you also will be.

Ruth Ann: Thank you, Jesus, for Your love and comfort.

Jesus: Now go in My peace. I am with you. Have a good day.

Message of April 18, 1993,from Our Lady to Prayer Group

My Dear Children,

How God loves you! You must know this. It is a truth being revealed to you over and over and to those chosen as messengers to share His word to His children. In His infinite mercy, He sent His beloved Son to the earth to live among you as an example, and die for you, so that your sins would be forgiven. Is that not true love of a Father for His children? My children, I thank you for gathering here for prayer. I thank you for listening to My messages and most of all, I thank and bless you for loving My Son. Please dear children, pray for all those who have turned their backs on God. He does not deserve to be treated with such disrespect. Ask for His mercy for all those who do not know Him. Many graces are being given out to you today. My protective mantle is around you. I am here with you in prayer, just as many of the angels and saints are here to pray with you. God has blessed you and this place of peace and prayer. Go in His peace, continue to love and serve Him as He truly deserves.

Message of April 28, 1993, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

God loves you! You do not truly understand the full meaning of these three words, they seem so simple. God loves you, but think about the true meaning of these three words. How many of you would be willing to send your child to be tortured and murdered by an angry mob for something that was no fault of yours. I have heard many of you say you would gladly die so that others might be saved, but not many would deliberately send your child to suffer as Jesus suffered. God has done this for you, dear children. If you truly meditate on what this means, your hearts should burst with a new love for God. He did this for you because He loves you. Now, as a result of such love, we must share in His rebirth. We not only share in His death, the death of Jesus, His Son, but we are meant to experience His Resurrection. He died so that we might live. The true meaning of My Son’s death is revealed in His rebirth. Through His rebirth, you too have been given new life. You have the opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven, only because God loves you, dear children. Now do you understand what these three words mean? Trust in His love and know He is listening to every prayer. Each one too, will be answered. Go in God’s peace, know that I too love you.

Message of March 12, 1994, from Our Lady
(Hotel on Sea of Galilee in Israel)

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You wish to speak to me? I am feeling that You do.

Our Lady: Child, it is so. You have just been to a place where My simple 'Fiat' gave birth to a reality that changed the entire world. That simple 'yes' brought about change. That is the word that I am wishing you to understand. You still continue to deny the importance of what you, too, have done by saying 'yes', little one. You still do not realize the importance of your mission. You have said 'yes', you have been obedient, and you have watched the fruits continue to grow, but you still deny the importance of your part in God's holy plan.

Ruth Ann: Mother, I know my faults. They are many. You were a perfect holy child.

Our Lady: That was God's will for Me. That is because I was to be the receptacle of God's most holy Son. He would not have accepted anything less, and you would not have expected Him to, little one.

Ruth Ann: No, Mother. I understand God's will for You, but I don't understand His will for me, or rather why He chose me for these things that are happening, and for whatever is to come.

Our Lady: You forget all of God's children on the earth are imperfect. He has said so. If you were perfect, little one, you would be God. You have been chosen for your special mission, not for your perfection, but for your imperfections. How else would others be able to relate to you? God will do the molding that is needed in your life to make you ready for the very special gift that is to become a part of your every waking moment. You are to be one with Him, child. You are to be all that He wishes all of His children to be. Your simple 'fiat' is bringing this about.

The time is fast approaching, little child, when your life will be an all-consuming flame burning only for the love of God. Your purpose for being created and placed upon the earth is soon to be fulfilled. You have been prepared gradually, little one of God, but the magnitude of your mission will not be felt until My Son asks you to carry His cross. At that time you will truly realize the reason for your existence.

The years prior to this have only been a testing ground in preparation for your true purpose. You, child, through your willingness to do the will of God have said 'yes' and have meant it from your innermost being. You see, little child, God knows your heart. It is one of love and compassion for His children. It is one of sacrifice. He has seen the love you have for His people to continue to grow, little child, and He is pleased at the progress you have made spiritually. You have listened to My instructions and the instructions of My Jesus. You are living your faith. You care not about the humiliation that is being brought about as a result of turning your life over to the One who has created you. You do so in hopes it will save souls. You are willing to die for God's children, little one. God can ask for no greater love from His children, you be willing to lay down that life for the good of other souls.

That is the kind of life God wishes all of His children to experience. He wants His children to die of self and love others with the kind of love Jesus had for His children. This love is one of complete giving of self so that others might experience life. The life of which I am speaking is an eternal life, child. The only life that is truly important is this kind of life. This is true life in Jesus Christ. He was the perfect example of the ultimate sacrifice. Now He is calling you to this same love and compassion for the dying souls all over the world. He is calling you to make the ultimate and supreme sacrifice of your life, so that others may rise from the dead By your examples of a true life in Jesus Christ, you will win many from the clutches of the eternal abyss. What greater love and purpose can one have on this earth, child!

Ruth Ann: Mother, You do realize I'm writing this and thinking You surely have the wrong person? I am not worthy of such praise.

Our Lady: Child, you still do not understand. Even if you were responsible for only saving one soul from the clutches of the evil one, you would be of great importance to My Son and Savior of the world. But you, My child, will do even greater things than this. Do these words sound familiar?

Ruth Ann: Yes, Mother, You know they do. These are words, the first words Your Son ever spoke to me interiorly.

Our Lady: Believe them, My child, believe them. Know that soon He is going to make His presence known in your life in a greater way than ever before. Others are aware even more so than you, that something is about to happen in your life, that will change the destiny of many. Their lives will be changed and their souls will be saved. Little child, it is because you have given your life to the God of love and mercy. You have said 'yes' to the One Who has created you for this special purpose. Be not afraid, but be grateful for the kind of love God has for His children, that He would use one such as you to save many of His lost souls. All God asks is that you continue to be obedient and do His will. He will do the difficult part. He will mold you and guide you through My Son. I have done My part. I have drawn you to the One who will be the ultimate teacher. I thank you for having responded to My call, child. In your response, God will be able to use you to save others.

I love you, My little child.

Ruth Ann: I love You, Mother. Thank You for being patient with me and bringing me to Your Son. Help me to be all God wants me to be.

Our Lady: It is done, child. Go in the peace of My Son. Enjoy this special trip to the land of Our birth. All of the desires of your childhood will have been fulfilled in this very special time.

Ruth Ann: Thank You, Mother.

Our Lady: Bless you, little child of God.

Message of Sept. 7, 1994, from Our Lady to Prayer Groups

My Dear Children,

Do you not realize just how much God loves you? Be at peace with one another. God’s love and mercy awaits each one of you willing to accept His love, and repent of your sins. That means change, My little children. You must open your hearts to accept the love He wishes to give you. You must not only listen to the words I am saying to you, but you must live the messages being sent to you from Heaven. Take the words to your heart, and change our life so you are living for God. Without this change of heart, you cannot know God as you should. Pray for one another, and know I am here interceding on your behalf. I am your Mother, sent here to guide you to My Son. Receive the help God is sending you through the Mother of His Son. Be at peace.

Message of Dec. 28, 1994, from Our Lady
(After Prayer Group Message)

Ruth Ann: Mother, do You have anything to add?

Our Lady: Child, there is not much else to say. The eyes, ears, and hearts of most of My children continue to be closed to the words being spoken. Even My sons and daughters who should be closest to Me, refuse to listen and believe that God is again intervening in the lives of His children on the earth through supernatural means. This is displeasing to Him Who has created all people in His image and likeness. So many have strayed so far away, that God has chosen the least of you, with child-like faith, to listen and share what is being said.

Those who choose to listen are able to turn their lives toward God. Those who refuse to believe that God can work through those willing to take this responsibility to heart, are deliberately turning their backs on God. This is not pleasing to God, and it is not pleasing to Me. As your Mother, I have been allowed by God, to come to you and assist you in your journey back to My Son. I am not here for praise, and I am not here to take any of the praise, honor, and glory away from God, or His gift to you, My Son, Jesus.

Why do My children refuse to listen and live the words being spoken to them? It is because they have lost their faith. They refuse to believe that God can work in their lives, as He has done throughout the history of mankind. They have lost this personal touch with One Who wishes to be treated as a loving, and merciful, God. They have intellectualized God out of existence. You do not need to be a philosopher, or someone of great intelligence to know God does exist. He is as alive today as He was yesterday. And He will continue to work and intervene in your daily lives, even though you continue to credit others with His great care.

My children have strayed so far, and yet I am here to say to you again, and again, open your eyes! Open your ears! Open your hearts! God loves you! Yes, He loves you. Sins can be forgiven. Repent, little children, and know in God's infinite wisdom and mercy, He is ready to receive you with open arms. Just as the Father was ready to accept the prodigal son, so too, is My Son awaiting you with open arms. Let Me help you. I wish to draw all of My children to the light, love, and peace that is God's special gift to you.

Do not lose hope, little children, God loves you, and wishes you to know this, and take it to your heart. In accepting this love, your hearts can be opened, so you can share in the peace that can only come from God. Accept this peace, and begin your journey back to the One Who loves you. I will assist you in any way I can. Listen, and live the words being spoken to you. They are words from Heaven. They are truth. Be at peace, and know in your hearts this peace that can only come from One Who loves you.