Friday, 17 November 2017

Fr Josemaria FI has been assigned to the retreat center

Fr Josemaria FI has been assigned to the retreat center
Fr Josemaria FI who was ordained on Oct 7, 2017 has been assigned to the retreat center by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. He has been granted faculties to administer the sacraments in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis by His Excellency Archbishop Charles Thompson. Fr Josemaria celebrated his first public Holy Mass in the Archdiocese on Wednesday Oct 18, 2017. We are extremely happy to have him assigned to the friary at the retreat center.

Novena in Preparation For The Solemnity Of the Immaculate Conception

Services held during the regularly scheduled Holy Hour each evening consisting of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Sung Vespers, Holy Rosary, Solemn singing of the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Novena Prayer, Benediction

Wednesday, November 29th thru December 1st at 4:30PM

Saturday. December 2rd at 3:45 PM

Sunday, December 3rd at 4:00PM

Monday, December 4th thru Thursday, December 7th at 4:30PM

Friday, December 8th Mass 10 A.M. Solemnity of Immaculate Conception

Ruth Ann Shares Message

Ruth Ann received the following message in prayer and in obedience she will share that message with you:

“Ruth Ann has been informed that she is to offer to pray with those people who would like her to pray for them in person.

For people who desire prayer with Ruth Ann in person, she will offer it after the Saturday noon Mass each week unless she has another commitment. To confirm her schedule you may call 812-825-4642 ext.3 on Friday of any given week and there will be a recording giving you that information.

Jim and Ruth Ann

Relic of Saint Faustina

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that we are able to announce that the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in Krakow, Poland has granted the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center permission to have a relic of Saint Faustina. The relic will be placed and displayed at all times in the Divine Mercy Chapel in the Conference Hall for people on retreat and pilgrims to venerate.

Fr Elias Mary Mills FI petitioned the sisters in Krakow for permission to have a relic for our chapel. After meeting their criteria permission has been granted to us. Fr. Elias will be going to Krakow in February of 2017 to obtain the relic.

The preparation and other costs such as the reliquary in which the relic will be kept for veneration amount to $1,140. We are accepting donations from anyone who would like to help with those costs. You may send donations to:

Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center 8220 West State Road 48, Bloomington, IN 47404

Please put on your Memo of the check -- For Relic.

Thanks, Jim Wade

Relic of Saint Faustina Ceremony

April 22, 2017
The Relic of St Faustina

The Relic of St Faustina will be placed in the Divine Mercy Chapel at a ceremony following the Saturday Noon Mass on April 22.

This is the day before Divine Mercy Sunday.

The ceremony will begin immediately following Mass in the Sacred Heart Chapel with a procession with the Relic to the Divine Mercy Chapel in the Conference Hall.

It will conclude there with the relic being placed and made available for veneration by the faithful. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the Mass and the ceremony following Mass.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend the Mass and the ceremony following Mass.

2016 End Of Year Thoughts, Reflections, and Requests

161206 clip image002[Pictured above]
The First Acreage Purchased by Mary’s Children Inc.

Above is a picture of the forty acre property acquired in the early 1990’s and properties have been purchased since that time which surround the original farm. On August 5th 2016, the Lord showed Ruth Ann 22 acres in a vision and said a pond is needed to be self-sustaining. Mary’s Children is in the process of accomplishing that request.

To complete this request the amount required will be over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

With your generous financial support in the past, we have been able to construct the chapel, a Friary for the Franciscans, the Guest House, residence for the Sisters and last year the Conference Hall requested by the Blessed Mother. Now we ask for your financial assistance to accomplish this current request. Previously we have received labor and material contributions, but we are in need of financial assistance again at this time. It has always been our goal “not to go into debt” but to rely upon the generosity of benefactors sent to us by Our Blessed Mother.

The Friars offer their Mass each “First Friday” for our many benefactors, their families and their special intentions.

Mary’s Children volunteers provide many services for the “FARM,” such as laundry and housekeeping for the Guesthouse, helping in the dining room and childcare for retreats, and working in the bookstore.

We print, provide and mail 2,300 messages each month without charge and depend upon contributions to offset the cost. We have committed volunteers that organize, print, fold, label and prepare them for mailing each month. Our expenses are the cost of the paper, ink and postage. Once a year we ask for your help.

We continue to have and use e-news capabilities and a web-site which have been generously contributed to us which makes information available to you on activities, schedules, religious functions. We ask that you take advantage of this program, go to our web site, www.Marys’, to sign up for the “e-news free program”. You receive timely updates on current changes, programs and services etc.

If you wish to talk to someone about how you can financially assist in these opportunities, call or contact:

Jim Wade, 812-825-4642 Ext 3 You may also call these numbers to make an appointment.

We appreciate any contribution you would be willing to provide Mary’s Children.

** May we help you in any way? Call 812-825-4642 or Jim Wade or Bill Dunfee

If you would like to help in the Guest House or dining room contact Maggie Garst 812-825-4642