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Mary's Children Update December 2015

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Pictured above is the Old retreat center to be modified.

Many of you will remember the retreats that were first held in this building with the gravel floor that was upgraded periodically to a more “user friendly” facility. Maybe you remember the old “horse stalls” that were converted to a bookstore. Building codes and needs have drastically changed. Mary’s Children plans to upgrade the facility to accommodate the bookstore etc. This makeover of the old retreat center, a 5,000 square foot building, will allow us to increase the size of the Bookstore, the Annex and the Library; also it will provide public handicapped restroom facilities. The turn-key cost is $123,000.00.

With your generous financial support in the past, we have been able to construct the chapel, a Friary for the Franciscans, the Guest House, residence for the Sisters and last year the Conference Hall requested by the Blessed Mother. Previously we have received labor and material contributions, but we are in need of financial assistance again at this time. It has always been our goal “not to go into debt” but to rely upon the generosity of benefactors sent to us by Our Blessed Mother.

Once a year we use this opportunity to ask you to assist us. We are very grateful to the many skilled and dedicated laborers that God has provided during the past year. Your previous commitment of prayer and monetary support is appreciated by the Friars and Mary’s Children; be assured that we rely on the generosity and love of God to reward you.

The Friars offer their Mass each “First Friday” for our many benefactors, their families and their special intentions.

Mary’s Children volunteers provide many services for the “FARM,” such as laundry and housekeeping for the Guesthouse, helping in the dining room and childcare for retreats, and working in the bookstore.

We print, provide and mail 3,000 messages each month without charge and depend upon contributions to offset the cost. We have committed volunteers that organize, print, fold, label and prepare them for mailing each month. Our expenses are the cost of the paper, ink and postage. Once a year we ask for your help.

We continue to have and use e-news capabilities and a web-site which have been generously contributed to us which makes information available to you on activities, schedules, religious functions. To take advantage of this program, go to our web site, www.Marys’, to sign up for the “e-news free program”.

If you wish to talk to someone about how you can financially assist in these opportunities, call or contact:
Jim Wade, 812-825-4642 Ext 3 You may also call these numbers to make an appointment.

With your prayers, help, and financial assistance we will accomplish these projects.

Ways You Can Help

Make a contribution for the New Bookstore
Contribute monthly over a 12 month period

Call us to talk about contributing a portion of the finances for labor & materials for the new Book Store.
To talk about a major contribution

Make a contribution for support of monthly message which I receive

We welcome any contribution you would be willing to provide Mary’s Chhildren.
May we help you in any way?

Call 812-825-4642 or Jim Wade or Bill Dunfee

If you would like to help in the Guest House or dining room
contact Maggie Garst 812-825-4642