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December 2015 Year End Letter From Jim & Ruth Ann Wade

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Dear Friends,
It is that time of the year when we take a few moments to reflect and bring you up to date on the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center.

Before we do that we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry and Spiritual Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year. We do this not only from us but on behalf of Mary's Children Inc., the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, the Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge, all the volunteers both here and at Washington, IN who put together and mail the newsletter each month. Without all these different people just mentioned we would not be able to fulfill Our Lady's desire that this place be a "Haven of Peace and Prayer" to all those who come here to visit and pray.

When our Lady asked that our farm be turned into a retreat center her request was that only the true teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church be taught here. We have always tried very hard to carry out that request. As an example of attempting to do that His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke gave a week long retreat for priests in October about the priesthood. He also offered a Day of Reflection to the laity about marriage. That along with many other fine retreats was held here during 2015.

Plans are under way for some very good retreats for next year as well. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to attend at least one during 2016.

We welcomed the Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge to the retreat center this year. Currently there are two sisters and a postulant ministering here. They are here at the invitation of His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Indianapolis. They are a very welcome addition to the retreat center and an excellent example for young people to be exposed to the consecrated life of sisters.

The Friary had a change in personnel this year as Fr Joachim F.I. was assigned to the friary at LaCrosse, Wisconsin; replacing him here is Fr. Ignatius F.I. Father Ignatius comes to us from the friary in Connecticut ; on your next visit to the "farm" be sure and introduce yourself and welcome Father to Indiana.

We completed the new conference hall and are using it for our retreats. It has a beautiful Divine Mercy Chapel in it where during retreats we offer Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament to the people in attendance.

Our plans for 2016 include remodeling the former retreat center building into a bookstore and space for children's retreats to be held while parents are in attendance at their retreats.

We are very aware that none of the requests of Our Lady could have been carried to fruition without the tremendous generosity from all the many benefactors who have helped us throughout these past 20+ years. With your help, we have attained the goal to be debt free… Thanks!!

In this newsletter you can find a page explaining how you can help us in this ministry.

Please know that we pray for all the benefactors of the farm every day. The First Friday Mass at the Sacred Heart Chapel is offered for all the benefactors of the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center; please keep us in your prayers.

May God Bless Us All,

Jim and Ruth Ann Wade

Mary's Children Update December 2015

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Pictured above is the Old retreat center to be modified.

Many of you will remember the retreats that were first held in this building with the gravel floor that was upgraded periodically to a more “user friendly” facility. Maybe you remember the old “horse stalls” that were converted to a bookstore. Building codes and needs have drastically changed. Mary’s Children plans to upgrade the facility to accommodate the bookstore etc. This makeover of the old retreat center, a 5,000 square foot building, will allow us to increase the size of the Bookstore, the Annex and the Library; also it will provide public handicapped restroom facilities. The turn-key cost is $123,000.00.

With your generous financial support in the past, we have been able to construct the chapel, a Friary for the Franciscans, the Guest House, residence for the Sisters and last year the Conference Hall requested by the Blessed Mother. Previously we have received labor and material contributions, but we are in need of financial assistance again at this time. It has always been our goal “not to go into debt” but to rely upon the generosity of benefactors sent to us by Our Blessed Mother.

Once a year we use this opportunity to ask you to assist us. We are very grateful to the many skilled and dedicated laborers that God has provided during the past year. Your previous commitment of prayer and monetary support is appreciated by the Friars and Mary’s Children; be assured that we rely on the generosity and love of God to reward you.

The Friars offer their Mass each “First Friday” for our many benefactors, their families and their special intentions.

Mary’s Children volunteers provide many services for the “FARM,” such as laundry and housekeeping for the Guesthouse, helping in the dining room and childcare for retreats, and working in the bookstore.

We print, provide and mail 3,000 messages each month without charge and depend upon contributions to offset the cost. We have committed volunteers that organize, print, fold, label and prepare them for mailing each month. Our expenses are the cost of the paper, ink and postage. Once a year we ask for your help.

We continue to have and use e-news capabilities and a web-site which have been generously contributed to us which makes information available to you on activities, schedules, religious functions. To take advantage of this program, go to our web site, www.Marys’, to sign up for the “e-news free program”.

If you wish to talk to someone about how you can financially assist in these opportunities, call or contact:
Jim Wade, 812-825-4642 Ext 3 You may also call these numbers to make an appointment.

With your prayers, help, and financial assistance we will accomplish these projects.

Ways You Can Help

Make a contribution for the New Bookstore
Contribute monthly over a 12 month period

Call us to talk about contributing a portion of the finances for labor & materials for the new Book Store.
To talk about a major contribution

Make a contribution for support of monthly message which I receive

We welcome any contribution you would be willing to provide Mary’s Chhildren.
May we help you in any way?

Call 812-825-4642 or Jim Wade or Bill Dunfee

If you would like to help in the Guest House or dining room
contact Maggie Garst 812-825-4642

House of Discernment

Have you or anyone you know considered a vocation in a religious order? Mary’s Children under the guidance of the Franciscan Friars and with the permission of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is developing

A House of Discernment for young ladies.
During the discernment year, discerners will live in a house at the retreat center in a simplified form of community life. Each participant in the program will have their own bedroom, share a bathroom and living space with a House Director. The house has a Chapel for community prayer, private prayer and reflection. The daily structured life begins at 5:00 a.m. for prayer, and Holy Mass at 6:30 a.m. in the Chapel.

The women will participate in volunteer work at the retreat center from 9 until noon each day. After lunch they will have some free time, prayer time, and recreation time.

They will attend Vespers each day with the public in the chapel along with the Friars. Young ladies who have at least graduated from High School may apply.

Applications or additional information may be obtained by contacting:
Jim Wade at 812-825-4642 Ext-3 or Fr. Elias at 812-825-4742.

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis has given us permission to begin this House of Discernment. The Friars will provide spiritual direction and counsel to the discerners throughout the year that they are in the program.

Farm Codes and Policies

Dress Code

The Farm is a place of prayer. “In general, the form of dress may be said to be immodest which serves to arouse the lust of men or which serves as a scandal, that is a stumbling block, to the practice of virtue…” To Observe Modesty, Avoid the Following:

*Any skin-tight clothing (shirts, slacks, shorts, etc) because they reveal the shape of the body and easily provoke impure thoughts to others.
*Shorts that do not extend to the knees. (In Church, shorts are inappropriate)
*Dresses or skirts that do not extend well over the knees
*Tanks tops (sleeveless shirts) or exposing shirts or blouses.

Accommodation Policies At Mother Of The Redeemer Guest House

To register as a guest it is necessary to meet one of the following criteria.

  1. Be a participant in a retreat sponsored by Mary's Children the Franciscan Friars or a religious group using the facilities that has the approval of the Friars and Mary's Children.
  2. Be here on a private retreat that is directed by a Friar or has their approval and is a self directed retreat.
  3. It is expected that guests on private retreat will participate in Holy Mass while they are here on retreat.
  4. Be here for the purpose of Spiritual Direction from one of the Friars.
  5. Be a Catholic Priest or Consecrated Religious on private retreat.
  6. Be a Guest or Family member of one of the Friars who are stationed at the Friary.

All our guests must be here for the sole purpose of attending a Retreat which is described above.
For any further questions, please call 812-825-4642, Ext-200

About Mary's Children Newsletter

If you receive duplicate mailings or if you receive the Newsletter and do not wish to continue, call 812-254-3474 and leave message on answering machine. Speak very clearly giving Name, address. Or mail “the mailing label” you wish to discontinue to:

Mary’s Children

PO Box 27
Washington, IN