Friday, 17 November 2017

Farm Codes and Policies

Dress Code

The Farm is a place of prayer. “In general, the form of dress may be said to be immodest which serves to arouse the lust of men or which serves as a scandal, that is a stumbling block, to the practice of virtue…” To Observe Modesty, Avoid the Following:

*Any skin-tight clothing (shirts, slacks, shorts, etc) because they reveal the shape of the body and easily provoke impure thoughts to others.
*Shorts that do not extend to the knees. (In Church, shorts are inappropriate)
*Dresses or skirts that do not extend well over the knees
*Tanks tops (sleeveless shirts) or exposing shirts or blouses.

Accommodation Policies At Mother Of The Redeemer Guest House

To register as a guest it is necessary to meet one of the following criteria.

  1. Be a participant in a retreat sponsored by Mary's Children the Franciscan Friars or a religious group using the facilities that has the approval of the Friars and Mary's Children.
  2. Be here on a private retreat that is directed by a Friar or has their approval and is a self directed retreat.
  3. It is expected that guests on private retreat will participate in Holy Mass while they are here on retreat.
  4. Be here for the purpose of Spiritual Direction from one of the Friars.
  5. Be a Catholic Priest or Consecrated Religious on private retreat.
  6. Be a Guest or Family member of one of the Friars who are stationed at the Friary.

All our guests must be here for the sole purpose of attending a Retreat which is described above.
For any further questions, please call 812-825-4642, Ext-200