Friday, 19 January 2018

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“Pick up your cross and follow my Jesus. I will help you in any way I can on this pathway that leads to Heaven.”

Our Lady to Ruth Ann
June 19, 1994

Stations of the Cross

IMG 2256The outdoor Stations of the Cross were erected in July of 1993. Early in the morning of July 24, while in conversation with Our Lady, Ruth Ann remarked, "Mother, they are putting up the Stations of the Cross here on the farm today."

To which Our Lady answered, "Yes, child, I know. It has been placed upon the heart of one who loves me and my Son very much that there was a need here."

IMG 2247

Starting on the lower levelIn an earlier Message, Our Lady had told Ruth Ann where she wished the Stations placed.of the grounds, the Stations lead up to the Sacred Heart Chapel on the hill.

When the Stations of the Cross were made for the Chapel, the original outdoor Stations were replaced with those presently on the hillside. These Stations, imported from Italy, are duplicates of the ones in the Chapel, except that they were molded in resin to withstand the elements.

For those who find the climb difficult, the Stations also are in the Chapel and in the Retreat Center below.